Cardano Summit 2023

No. of delegates: 800+, plus 8,000+ virtual

Location: Live from Dubai, UAE with viewing parties and virtual attendees all over the world

Event type: Summit, Conference, Gala Dinner, Exhibition, Hybrid

Industry: Capital Investment

Event objectives:

Building on an already strong existing event legacy, the Cardano Foundation Summit 2023 was designed to be the biggest and best iteration of this annual event to date. The Summit was created as a place to bring the community together, to reinforce the Cardano Foundation’s place in the blockchain industry as a thought leader and disruptor, inspiring and educating delegates whilst growing the Cardano community. With the goal of creating a completely sold out event, with experiences that created opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange, we worked closely with this client across every First Event service to create service that delivered key business messages across multiple points of connection, and cementing a lasting legacy for the summit.  

Event overview:

Day 0: The first unofficial day of the event saw attendees from all over the world come to Dubai to register for the event. We hosted the Cardano Market, and our battle of the builders event, and attendees made the most of the ample opportunities and platforms we had created to facilitate networking. The official event opening took place later in the evening, as an exclusive experience for sponsors, exhibitors and speakers to meet, network, and help set the tone for the exciting few days of activity ahead.

Day 1: Throughout the first official day of the summit, keynotes, panels and workshops were all focused around the theme of “Operational Resilience in Education”. In the evening, attendees were whisked away to the desert for a dining and entertainment experience like no other. In the 5th largest desert in the world, attendees enjoyed a delicious meal, whilst being entertained by belly dancers, a fire show, and enjoyed a traditional middle eastern evening.

Day 2: On the second day of the summit, centred on the topic of “Adoption and Impact”, attendees made the most of illuminating keynote speaker sessions, panels and workshops, all geared towards the sharing of the most up to date information in the blockchain industry. In the evening, guests enjoyed the highlight event of the summit, as the Cardano Foundation took over the iconic Burj Khalifa to host their awards evening and Gala Dinner. The awards ceremony was the perfect tone to finish the event, and saw individuals and organisations from across the blockchain industry recognised for their work. Hosting this evening in such a landmark location as the Burj Khalifa cemented the Cardano Foundation’s position as an industry leading organisation committed to offering only the best experiences and insights to their community.




Our design and creative team worked to implement a seamless and immediately recognisable event brand across all collateral and attendee touch points. We took The Cardano Foundation’s brand values and event goals, and translated them into a creative concept that was reflected across event signage, posters, website, app, menus, social media tiles and more.


With multiple events and agenda items happening both in the central event location and across Dubai, our operations team were essential in ensuring the smooth running of this multi-day, multi-location event. A key element of this event, due to its Dubai location, was the time taken to ensure that every element of the event was compliant with UAE laws and regulations. As part of these regulations, our team was on hand to remind delegates to wear their lanyards at all times, with push app notifications and tannoy announcements to gently reinforce this message. In the context of the country’s regulations for speakers, photographers and videographers, we conducted rigorous briefings for both speakers and content teams, issuing all permits for all equipment being brought for the event and vetting the content of speaker sessions to ensure that they were compliant with the country’s regulations. 


With the goal of becoming a sell out event, our marketing department worked tirelessly to ensure that these tickets were viewed as the must-see event in the blockchain calendar. From pre-event socials to onsite reels and socials, post-event socials, app notifications and copy, website copy, UX, email campaigns, photography and video, paid socials, analytics, and collateral design, our marketing team created an unmissable feel to the Cardano Foundation Summit.  

Web & App

Our web team developed the website and native app to accompany this event. The app was built with the goal of facilitating connections throughout the Cardano community, allowing attendees to match with connections who were mutually interested in connecting. With in-app activities to keep attendees connected to the summit, and other attendees worldwide, the application also played host to the live stream of the event sessions, which was broadcast to hybrid and remote attendees all over the world. 

The app featured a personalised agenda with customisable profile settings, and an interactive map for on site attendees to use during the event. It also hosted on demand content after the broadcast, and with instant updates and push notifications we were able to keep attendees constantly updated with event proceedings. The app also contained the photo booth for the Faces of Cardano wall, which helped to create that community feel on site. The livestream was broadcast through the app, so remote attendees could watch at home and feel like part of the action. We also used an AI powered chatbot, answering common FAQs, making for a smoother attendee experience.

Digital, virtual AV & Tech

Our digital and virtual team executed the onsite AV and tech, elevating the keynote sessions and panels to ensure that all 40 speaker sessions were delivered smoothly. This team was also responsible for the management and broadcast of the live stream to the 27 community-led events around the world. As a key component of the summit’s event goals, these community led events were integral to the creation of a global Cardano community. As well as creating the global community around this event, our virtual team also managed the Faces of Cardano mural at the on-site location. This mural was a compilation of photographs of each attendee, whether on-site or remote, coming together to form a huge collage of the Cardano Community. With 1,056 images submitted by attendees, The Faces of Cardano Mural helped to create the community feel to this large-scale event.


The Cardano Foundation Summit 2023 was a complete sell out event. Each event was at capacity, with waiting lists for each and every experience on offer throughout the 3 days of activity. With a 34% increase in engagement with the Faces of Cardano mural compared to the 2022 summit, this year’s summit was indeed bigger and better than last year and brought the entire Cardano community together for a shared experience. 

The summit showcased our full creative offering, as we embodied the client’s key message at every turn and throughout every First Event department being utilised for this event. In addition to the logistical elements of running an event of this size, our team took the event to another level with the creative, design, web, marketing and virtual elements on offer to attendees. We truly became an extension of the Cardano team, and were trusted in our vision of bringing the next level glamour to the Cardano community.


40 sessions held 

163 speakers delivering thought-leading sessions 

376,733 social media impressions 

52k website views 

53k on-demand YouTube views 

8k virtual viewers 

Total stream views: 

Day 1: 5,094

Day 2: 3,022 

On demand views of all sessions: 

Day 1: 3,282 

Day 2: 3, 282

Number of messages on virtual streams (interactive/engaging): 

Day 1: 509

Day 2: 359 

Total App Downloads: 2,699 

Total connections made on the app: 1,277

Total number of chat messages: 413

Face of Cardano Images: 1,056