Adversity, trauma and resilience knowledge exchange

No. of delegates: 1,500

Event type: Virtual conference

Industry: Healthcare

Event Objectives:

This client approached us with the several different objectives they wanted to achieve with this event. The priority, however, was that the event should work towards West Yorkshire’s main mission: ensuring that their people are trauma informed and responsive by 2030.

The event was also an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the work achieved in West Yorkshire over the last year, bringing everyone together to share best practice, hear from the experts, brainstorm the next steps and build shared visions for the future.

An additional factor brought to our attention was the need to create a safe and supportive environment for delegates and speakers to feel comfortable sharing their experiences and knowledge. Sensitive subject matter was being discussed throughout the event, and as such, security was vital, in addition to making guests feel reassured and confident in their use of the platform.



Event overview:

The event ran for three consecutive days, featuring an engaging mix of keynote speakers and workshop sessions. Due to the flexible format of the event, attendees were able to jump in and out of workshops and sessions during their working days. First Event managed the entire project, from building the custom online platform to delivering the live streams from our very own virtual studio.

The platform included features such as a live chat for Q & As between the hosts and viewers, as well as a ‘diary room’ concept. In the ‘diary room’ area, platform users were able to record video pledges for other guests to view and respond. Being an interactive platform, the virtual experience still allowed for plenty of networking opportunities throughout the event.

The content was available for download instantly after the event had concluded. This on-demand feature was perfect for those who couldn’t make the event or for anyone who simply just wanted to view it again! With a resources page containing all of the on demand content, from downloadable PDF’s, internal website links to videos, the platform was able to capture the wealth of knowledge and experience that had been shared by attendees throughout the 3 days.


The client was over the moon with the delivery and management of this event. When asked why they wanted to work with First Event to create this experience, they said:

First Event was very responsive from the get go. We were impressed with the service on offer, the value and they ensured that the objectives would be met. We stayed with First Event because of the feedback we received from delegates, who loved the format of the website as well as them being a supportive team before, during and after the event.

They also highlighted the benefits of the event being virtual. “Virtual fits this event so well, not only is it sustainable but a huge amount of attendees, who probably wouldn’t have attended if it was live, were able to be a part of the event.” As an event which brought together a range of different sectors and units within one organisation, virtual was the perfect solution to enable everyone to work together as one.”

West Yorkshire’s annual event is an all important step towards their overall goal, and this was the second time our teams have delivered this event. We are currently in a 5 year contract with this client and cannot wait to deliver this event for the next 3 years, at least!

We also have the pleasure of building an additional learning platform for this client in the very near future, and look forward to continuing our shared work together.