Supplier conference & expo

No. of delegates: 500+

Location: ACC Liverpool

Event type: Conference and exhibition

Industry: Construction

Event objectives:

Driven by a vision of bringing suppliers and the internal team together to immerse themselves in the industry, learn about new products, network and share ideas, bringing the internal and the external spheres of the company together was a key aim for this annual conference. 

Since this was the first event hosted after the lifting of lockdown restrictions by our client, this conference was an opportunity for them to consolidate on the progress they’d made over the previous 18 months, then plot the future in a collaborative environment. An event that was to be rife with networking opportunities, everyone, from all departments, could interact with suppliers and engage ever further with the organisation they work for, strengthening the relationships within the industry.



Event overview:

In order to create an experience that matched the scope of the client’s event vision, the team ensured that every last detail of this multifaceted event was taken care of. Keeping an open mind about how things could work for this event, the client put their faith in the experience and expertise of their First Event account team. 

Carefully selecting the ACC Liverpool as the conference venue allowed the team to get creative with the design and layout of this event, thinking outside the box to create different daily experiences using AV and staging. The design team created eye-catching digital signage throughout the vast venue, as well as ensuring that menus, table plans and even merchandise all reflected the branding of the event. 

Prior to the event, our event management team communicated all vital information to attendees, as well as capturing and collating the preferences of the 500 attendees. Collecting information such as which seminars delegates wanted to attend, who they wanted to network and arrange meetings with, which created a huge mass of data. All of this was handled expertly by us.

One of the most impactful elements of the conference was the central stage area. Using the latest AV and staging technology, we used the same space to create completely different venues across the 3 day conference. Whether it was during the VIP dinner, the gala night and awards ceremony, the networking sessions, or the supplier seminars, each time the delegates stepped into that same room, they were greeted with a refreshed, new and engaging event experience. 

To close the event, the sponsors of the conference provided four seminars for attendees to enjoy. Rather than breaking the various audiences off into the different seminar groups, all attendees gathered in the main stage area for a silent disco multi seminar experience. The central stage was divided into 4 sections, with each seminar audience wearing silent disco headphones allowing them to tune into the audio of the seminar they were watching.


As a result of the cohesive and engaging design of the event layout, both suppliers and the internal team were able to network and collaborate in ways that they’d never experienced before at previous events. As the first event after covid, attendees enjoyed meeting each other face to face to engage and collectively establish the future of the company. The event also provided an opportunity for the company to receive honest feedback from both their suppliers and their internal team, allowing them to enhance their market offering and improve as an organisation. 

The innovative shared-stage presentation was an element that our seminar presenters had never experienced before, making the event unique and memorable for attendees and participants alike. The conference brought together all key stakeholders and decision-makers, offering all a unique opportunity to demonstrate new and important product offerings to our nationwide businesses. Here’s some amazing feedback from the event delegates:

“It was a privilege to be part of the event.”

“Probably one of the best I have attended.”

“Well done to the team who organised this. Thank you to the directors for their transparency when reporting back to us all about the company’s strategy and performance.”