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Contingency planning is essential when managing the risks at company events, either overseas or in the UK. From bad weather to natural disasters, lost luggage to airline bankruptcy - being prepared for the worst when it comes to your event management will ensure that you're effectively covered.

After 20 years’ managing large corporate events around the world, our event managers know a thing or two about what a good contingency plan looks like.

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What's in the guide?

  • We explain what qualifies us to talk about contingency planning in the event industry.
  • Having organised thousands of events, we'll share some of the things we've experienced and event risk management examples of how we've dealt with issues.
  • Learn how you can create your very own contingency plan, what elements to include and what to look out for.
  • We'll also cover the most frequently asked questions so you can truly learn what makes an effective contingency plan



Be prepared with our step-by-step contingency plan guide! If you've ever organised an event, you’ll be aware of how important it is to have a ‘back-up plan.’ This, along with other defining factors such as what to do in an emergency, how to handle flight cancellations, and how to plan for bad weather, are all part of a detailed contingency plan. Learn more about how preparation and organisation can ensure the smooth running of your event, and download our Contingency Planning for an Event e-book by filling out this form.