Supplier management

We pride ourselves on the standard of our delivery and the suppliers we use can play a huge part in this.


We undertake a system supplier management process that guarantees the quality and cost effectiveness of the events we deliver.


We would never provide you with a product or service from one of our suppliers that we would not be proud to call our own work. Our suppliers are an extension of our teams and we treat them accordingly.



Quality and security is key

We work alongside a huge number of international partners – from transfer companies to local support. In order to ensure that each of these meets the First Event standard we undertake a rigorous supplier management process before we will approve them to work with our clients.


This process includes:

  • Negotiation of preferential rates
  • Agreement of payment terms
  • Supplier achieves approved status
  • Performance is reviewed after each event and supplier
  • Annual review of terms and renegotiation