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10 Benefits of incentive travel schemes

Incentive travel can be offered to your employees, customers and partners alike. It rewards the achievement of certain business targets or employee actions by offering worthwhile travel experiences for individuals, pairs or groups.

With the increased easing of global restrictions, there are more opportunities to travel and explore destinations across the world. So, it might be the perfect time for you to consider introducing incentive travel to your company.

Not only can incentive travel benefit employees who can travel all over the world, but the introduction of the reward can also positively impact your business. Read on to discover 10 ways that incentive travel schemes benefit businesses and employees.

1. Personalised Rewards

Incentive travel allows you to offer bespoke travel destinations and activities that suit the individual interest of employees. Not only can this personalised approach help to motivate employees to achieve goals, but it can also show them how much you value their work, effort and contributions as individuals.

2. Encouraging creativity

Introducing incentive travel as a reward can aid long-term creativity in the workplace. By giving employees travel experiences that take them out of their usual routine and location, you can help to nurture their creativity and give them a chance to reset. This can positively impact the work they do once they have returned.

3. Improve employee performance

As travel experiences give the opportunity for employees to reset, this can have a broader impact on employee performance. Down-time can help to revitalise motivation in the workplace which, as a result, can boost focus and achievement.

4. Motivate growth (and delivery)

While incentive travel experiences offered to employees can help their work and creativity after the fact, offering travel as a reward can help to motivate growth and delivery throughout the year. Not only can you give employees goals to work towards, but incentive travel schemes also offer a tangible reward that goes beyond inevitable professional growth and development.

5. Unforgettable experiences

With incentive travel you can give employees once in a lifetime experiences that they would not necessarily plan for themselves. Not only can you take the potential pressure of booking holidays away from employees, but you can create itineraries full of unique experiences and show how much you value the work and effort of employees.

6. Company culture

Incentive travel can aid the development of your company culture by overtly establishing high-value missions and goals. But, more importantly, it can positively influence employee engagement with company culture as individuals work towards these goals.

7. Reputation (external)

If incentive travel becomes an established part of your company culture, this reward and recognition scheme can positively impact your company's reputation. Not only can you establish the benefits of working for your business, but you can also highlight how much you value and care about your employees and their efforts.

8. Employee retention

While regular annual leave can help to prevent burnout, during the age of the great resignation incentive travel can also improve employee retention. Not only can you help to motivate performance, but incentive travel rewards can help to recognise how much you value your employees.

9. Recruitment

Offering incentive travel benefits can also have a positive impact on recruitment efforts. Having a travel scheme in place is a fairly unique business offering, especially as we emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic. This can aid recruitment by inspiring potential new joiners.

10. Strengthen relationships in the workplace

Incentive travel schemes can help to nurture workplace relationships by encouraging employee engagement with tasks and targets. Goal orientated collaborative working can be given as a performance target which can lead to problem-solving and team building in the workplace.

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