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10 reasons hybrid events are the future

Over the last 20 months, event trends have experienced a dramatic evolution, something we have witnessed first hand.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for this change, and many businesses have expanded beyond live events and held virtual and hybrid events.

More companies have uncovered the benefits of hybrid events first-hand as they have hosted them, and there are significant indications that this type of event will be seen more as we head into 2022. Read on to discover 10 reasons that hybrid events are the future!

1. Centralised event planning

When planning hybrid events, there is a potential to simplify processes and reduce the amount of time you need to spend on travel management or finding a venue large enough to hold all of your attendees. This is because those who would require these resources for exclusively in-person events can attend your live event from a location of their choice (and comfort).

2. Reduced cost, Increased ROI

As less resource is needed, the cost of your live event can be reduced. When this reduced cost is paired with the potential for greater engagement and future business opportunities, you may see an increase in your ROI after hosting a hybrid event.

3. Increased event sustainability

With less demand for long-distance travel, because you're offering digital attendance opportunities, there is an ability to increase your event sustainability and reduce your environmental impact.

4. Data

A reason hybrid events are the future is that a digital landscape provides you with the ability to collect more attendee data. You make use of sign-up information to gather demographic insights, and you can use data from your live event, such as viewing statistics and platform navigation patterns, to help inform your next event planning meeting.

5. Event accessibility: reaching your audience

With a hybrid event you are not restricting attendance by location, hybrid events can be accessed by a broader audience. This can broaden your reach while facilitating beneficial interactions between in-person and virtual attendees.

Consider corporate events like conferences, which are successful for learning, development, and team-building but may not be accessible if your team has external commitments or is not based in the same area.

6. Offering virtual event experiences

Hybrid events present an opportunity to provide audiences with a live event that offers an experience. You can limit audience numbers and create a truly bespoke approach for in-person and digital audiences by tailoring it to their individual needs. You can respond to ideas and have in-depth discussions to offer an event experience that won’t be forgotten quickly.

7. Increasing audience engagement

When hosting a hybrid event, you offer your audience a way to continue to ask questions and feedback on conversations as they unfold. Not only can this help to improve engagement while events are happening, but you open the door for brand and business engagement before, during, and after. You can even encourage your audience to take to their favourite social media platform and share their new knowledge.

8. Current & future marketing opportunities

Not only can hybrid events provide you with opportunities to market your services throughout the event, but afterward as well. From live updates on your social media accounts, while your event is happening to speaker clips and trailers for future events, there is a wide range of opportunities for content creation.

9. Increased flexibility

Changing demands and a dynamic future landscape mean that a hybrid approach is a flexible way to manage your event planning in 2022. Not only does it offer an opportunity to get instant feedback from live event audiences, but you can quickly adjust approaches to fit with external changes.

10. Sponsorship

Using hybrid event platforms can open your event up to more sponsorship opportunities. Digital platforms provide a vehicle for sponsorship and, the potential reach of an event can even incentivise potential sponsors.

Plus, many platforms you can use to broadcast your event live to your virtual participants have centralised management systems that can streamline your own marketing activity.

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