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4 ways incentive events promote wellbeing & mental health

Monday 9th to Sunday 15th May 2022 is mental health awareness week in the UK.

Not only does mental health play a role in workplace wellbeing, but nurturing a pleasant work environment can vastly improve performance.

It can even reduce sick leave due to increased stress and anxiety levels.

Why is investing in mental health important?

Metal health costs UK employers £45 billion per year, but did you know that investing in mental health in the workplace has a five times return on investment?

This is especially important to acknowledge when many employers are facing the phenomenon known as the great resignation, and an increasing number of employees are experiencing symptoms of burnout.

By choosing to invest in mental health, you can show employees that their wellbeing is both valued and safe at work.

Mental health and incentive events

Incentive events are rewards given to employees based on performance, Not only can they be used to motivate output, but they can have a positive influence on mental health. As we quickly approach mental health awareness week, why not read on to discover four benefits that incentive events can have on mental wellbeing.

1. Community

Incentive events can help build a community at work. You could do this by giving a team reward, like an after work social, or by determining success based on team performance, there is an opportunity to strengthen connections in the workplace. This can benefit mental health and establish a support network where employees know they can talk about their wellbeing without judgement.

2. Reward & recognition

By recognising and rewarding the hard work your employees have been doing, you can show them how much they are valued. Incentive events can nurture a positive work environment by giving your top performers a bespoke reward. Feeling valued in the workplace not only has a positive impact on mental health, but it can also improve job satisfaction.

3. Team building

Working together toward the reward of an incentive event can encourage teambuilding at work. Employees who successfully establish a strong working relationship with others are more likely to feel a sense of belonging at work. This can help nurture the mental health of individuals and even influence productivity and communication at work as well.

4. Work /life balance

Introducing incentive events into the workplace can help to ensure that employees can maintain a healthy work/life balance. This is because incentive events are often a break away from day-to-day responsibilities. This gives people an opportunity to reset in an environment without the pressures of deadlines or meetings, which can benefit mental health and motivate performance.

Look at the long term

Introducing incentive events at work can vastly improve the mental health and wellbeing of your employees. Not to mention that they also show your company that you care about their wellbeing. Looking at the bigger picture, dedicating time and resources to improving the mental health of your workforce can help retain employees and encourage longevity of team performance.

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