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7 Mental health event ideas that inspire action

Each year, mental health awareness week encourages the conversations needed to bring mental health and mental illness to the forefront of our conscience. Particularly in the workplace, mental health is quickly becoming an issue that team members are looking for increased support in, and need their employers to provide the mental health support that matches their needs. 

Mental health awareness week provides the perfect opportunity for employers to show their teams just how much they care, as part of a longer-term conversation around mental wellbeing at work. The event ideas we’ve suggested below should factor into wider programmes of activity that preserve mental health awareness as an ongoing priority that your teams know they will be able to receive judgement free support on. 

Want to know where to start when it comes to encouraging mental health awareness week with your teams? Take a look at our 7 mental health event ideas below, perfectly designed to inspire action amongst your people.

  1. Hear from a mental health expert

If you want to show your teams just how much you value not just their wellbeing in the workplace, but also their time, you want to deliver a mental health event that adds maximum value. By bringing in an expert on mental health to speak directly to your teams, you’ll create a jam-packed, insight filled session that your people will be able to benefit from. Really want this session to be tailored about the needs in your teams? Ask for their input on what area of expertise they want to hear about! 

  1. Journaling workshop 

Journaling is widely seen as one of the best daily practices for maintaining your mental health. By hosting a journaling workshop with your team, you can cover the fundamentals of journaling, and provide your teams with thought provoking prompts and resources to make the most of this mental health practice. You could even give your teams personalised, sustainably sourced journals for them to record their thoughts in. This serves as that extra, personal touch, to show your teams just how valued they are in their place of work. 

  1. Mental health first aid training

Everyone knows the importance of having a trained first aider in the office. But did you know the benefit that having a mental health first aider to hand can have for your teams? Receiving mental health first aid training equips individuals to serve as a reliable first point of contact for anyone in the office experiencing mental health challenges. Spending mental health awareness week investing in the mental health first aid training of your team members is a great way to ensure that mental wellbeing in your workplace is protected in the long run. 

  1. Virtual yoga & meditation class

Alongside journaling, physical activity and mediation are tools that your teams can use everyday to maintain their mental wellbeing. By hosting a virtual yoga and meditation class for your team, you can show them just how easy it is to look after your mental health, no matter the location. Virtual events like this can also be a great way to bring together remote teams, and overcome any feelings of isolation your people might be feeling in remote workplaces. 

  1. Give back & get out into nature 

Charitable action and giving has been proven to hugely benefit your sense of wellbeing. Encourage your teams to give back to local causes they care about, and spend a couple of hours volunteering at a local wildlife project. Not only will this highlight the benefits of making time to give back and show gratitude, spending some time in the fresh air also helps to bring that much needed perspective to daily challenges that can at times feel all too daunting. No competition. No deliverables. Just the chance to make a difference in your local community. 

  1. Take your team for some R&R 

Think your teams need that touch of luxury to help switch off and relax? Treating your people to a day at the spa can be the perfect remedy for those feeling the stresses and strains of everyday life. With plenty of spa and hotel venues to choose from, our teams can help source the perfect spot to meet the needs of your team and what they need to relax best. 

  1. Host a mental health focused strategic meeting

Creating spaces for discussions around mental health is something that employers need to factor into their long-term strategy in order for their teams to really feel the value of this support. Start this positive action during mental health awareness week, and host a mental health focused strategic meeting. Either as a virtual, live or hybrid event, we can create a range of anonymous and collaborative platforms for your attendees to share their mental health concerns, and provide you with a clear direction you need to take with your mental health workplace awareness going forward. 

In need of a helping hand when it comes to creating a mental health focused event that inspires positive and long-term action in your team? Get in touch with the First Event team, we’d love to help you design the kind of event that gets the best out of your people.