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Are virtual events a sustainable solution?

When choosing between hosting a virtual or in person event, the environmental impact often goes unnoticed when compared with all of the other deciding factors.

This is despite clear evidence that explains just how unfortunately detrimental each physical event can be to the environment.

So how do we really make a difference and reduce the environmental impact of the event industry as much as possible? We believe that embracing virtual events is the answer!

We explore the environmental benefits of digital events throughout this blog! Although it's worthwhile considering the other benefits for going virtual too - come back at the end to read this recent blog of ours, where we discuss - ‘4 Reasons Virtual Events Aren't Going Away’.

Less travel

Travel is a huge contributor to the event industry’s recent bad reputation when it comes to sustainability. Research shows that a singular event attendee can produce up to 2000 pounds of CO2 when travel is required, showing how large scale events can hinder a brand’s sustainability objectives through travel alone.

It’s important to understand that virtual events can be just as diverse, and engaging as in-person, we can help you to achieve this, starting with our ‘Top Tips for Winning at Virtual & Hybrid Events’.

Reduced material waste

In person events tend to accrue a large amount of waste, from marketing materials, brochures, name tags, and agendas. Although this can be counteracted through making sustainable swaps, such as removing plastic water bottles from events, or switching to biodegradable utensils, the biggest difference is seen when the swap is made from in-person to virtual.

Decreased energy usage

Although virtual events do not completely erase any energy usage, there is a dramatic saving.

With in-person events it’s important to consider the extent to which the likes of lights and food production in a venue, weigh up against the energy needed to power our computers at home. As mentioned in Forbes, a recent study found that an online conference produced 66 times less greenhouse gas emissions than an in-person gathering.

Reduced food waste

With just under a third of event professionals admitting to throwing away at least 15% of the food they commission at events, it is clear that the amount of food required is often grossly overestimated. Digital events remove this challenge entirely, saving the business both time and money, alongside helping the environment.

Want to be more environmentally conscious when planning your next event, but don't want to give up the valuable benefits of a live event? Hosting a hybrid event may be the best solution for you. Or, simply make smarter choices at your live event, we have lots of advice and recommended suppliers that offer high quality yet eco friendly products to assist in reducing your carbon footprint.

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Sounds good right? Above all else, introducing virtual events can aid your brand’s credibility tenfold.

Through authentically incorporating more sustainable business practices your company’s perceived corporate social responsibility will rise. This is a sign for your business to start taking genuine actions towards protecting the environment.

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