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Do hybrid events really give you the best of both virtual and in-person events?

Hybrid events have most definitely been the result of the pandemic, but this doesn't mean that they will be a short-lived trend. In fact, many professionals believe they are here to stay.

Hybrid events offer a sense of stability for many business owners, through harnessing both the power of live events and the practicality of a virtual space, businesses can have the opportunity to create an all-inclusive experience that boasts excessive benefits.

From the opportunity to market to a wider target audience that isn't dependent on location, to an ability to gather both face to face and digital feedback through a variety of insight possibilities. Within the following blog we will explore 3 key benefits on offer with hybrid events, many of these you will recognise from previous blogs exploring the advantages of either/or virtual and in-person events, but the below exposes how a combined event can truly provide the best of both strategies.

Greater accessibility

By offering your attendees a choice to join the event either in-person or digitally, expected attendance automatically increases. The usual restrictions such as location capacity, or travel challenges become less severe and hence the event can be advertised further. Attendees can also have the flexibility of fitting the event in with their day-to-day life regardless of what this looks like. If they can attend in-person, brilliant! If not, they can still be there virtually meaning that no one is disadvantaged due to ongoing responsibilities or last-minute changes.

At First Event, we also see hybrid events as an opportunity to invite speakers from all over the world that otherwise would not have been possible. This is why hybrid events can be seen to promote inclusivity, it provides anyone and everyone with the opportunity to attend if they so wish to.

Aids positioning

Leading us nicely onto our next benefit, hybrid events can help support your company’s corporate social responsibility. Not only are they considered to be more environmentally friendly as attendees don’t have to travel if they live far away from the event site, but it also offers an anxiety-free option for those who are vulnerable to the virus, or want to continue to exercise social distancing where possible.

Enhances ROI

It’s fair to assume that as the attendance increases with the option of both digital and in-person, as does the return of investment but hybrid events offer other opportunities to increase that all-important profit margin.

This expanded reach also comes at a lower cost than if the event was completely in-person; there is no need to rent a larger venue, or pay-out for more support in the form of catering or security. The event also has an increased opportunity to attract sponsorships, not only will the event seem more attractive due to the expected attendance numbers, but sponsors can have an option to attend virtually or digitally - often doubling the potential for sponsors.

The time has come to harness the benefits on offer with hybrid events, although they can appear slightly intimidating at first the potential advantages make them a clear, strategic decision for any business.

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