Elevated Experiences: AI-Powered Events

As technology continues to evolve, event planners are constantly looking for new ways to keep their experiences refreshed, updated, and ultimately, elevated.  As a growing event trend that can offer expediency throughout every stage of the event planning lifecycle, AI technology can enhance and elevate the event experience from start to finish, for both event planners and attendees.   

What is AI? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to machines or software that have been programmed with the ability to perform tasks that have previously required human intelligence. By programming these systems with extensive datasets of human-generated materials, AI technology can learn, adapt, and autonomously solve problems.

But how exactly can AI powered events elevate the experience for both your team and your attendees? 

Let’s take a look. 

Greater personalisation 

Personal touches are a crucial part of elevated and memorable experiences. Rather than tasking your event team with conducting extensive research into your attendees, AI can be used to expedite this process. With AI, analyse data about your attendees, their preferences, behaviours and interests, and use this to tailor your event content to match your audience. Or, by using an AI powered event app, for example, you can adapt your delegate experience even further to each attendee, providing them with a customised portal bespoke to their needs and interests. 

Truly intuitive events

Being able to access relevant information at all times, whether you’re an event planner or an event attendee, is a vital pillar of event success. For event professionals, AI can create a more transparent and streamlined project management process, with real time communication and collaboration. Similarly for the attendee experience, AI can be used to supply your delegates with information relevant to their needs and interests. By incorporating AI powered chatbots into your event app or website, you can provide real-time assistance to attendees, allowing your guests to navigate their experience intuitively for greater event success. 

Enhanced creativity for jaw dropping experiences

For a tool that many think will threaten the creative element of events, AI-powered tools can actually bring numerous benefits to the creative offering of your event experience. Firstly, the administrative duties that previously occupied precious room on your event team’s to-do list can now be expedited with AI, meaning that your team can focus their creative efforts on designing spectacular and elevated events. Secondly, AI itself serves as a means to create unique and unforgettable experiences. Using tools like VR and AR, you can whisk away your attendees into an immersive world. With interactive games and special effects, AI can elevate the creative and AV of your event, and enrich the attendee experience. 

Seamless data collection 

Where attendees have previously had to give feedback through lengthy forms, AI can now be used to make this phase of the event lifecycle both seamless and data rich, bringing benefits to both attendees and the event planning process alike. Using facial recognition technology, planners can track in real-time which sessions attendees are enjoying the most, as well as collect footfall hotspots throughout the event layout. This extra dimension of data that AI provides means that event planners can get a more profound understanding of their target audience, tailoring future customer touchpoints for long term event success. 

Want to harness the power of AI and other event trends to create an elevated experience for your attendees, and streamlined event execution for your team? 

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