Event marketing done right: our 13 top tips!

In order to create real impact with your event marketing, you’ll need a unique combination of marketing techniques, bespoke to your event and your audience. 

Let’s take a look at 13 top tips for event marketing, and find out how you can market your event with impact.

  1. Define key objectives 

Outline what your event marketing KPIs are, and how this feeds into your wider event goals. Use this to refer back to when mapping out your event strategy.  

  1. Spend time getting to know your target audience

Conduct thorough research into your target audience. The more you know about them, their interests, habits and pain points, the more tailored and impactful your marketing will be. 

  1. Map out where you want your touchpoints to be

Consider where your marketing touchpoints need to be, and what the function of each of those touchpoints needs to execute. With a clear overview of your touchpoint map, you can then create a strategic marketing plan. 

  1. Utilise social media 

Create a social media content plan on the platforms where you know your target audience hangs out. By creating valuable content aimed at your target audience, you can engage and inspire them into taking the action you want them to. 

  1. Create snappy and engaging video content 

Creating short snippets of engaging video can be a great way to quickly reach your audience with your event message. Show your attendees the highlight reel of why they need to be at your event, with video content that converts. 

  1. Nail your event branding

You need the tone of voice, logo, and visual elements that create an event branding identity that’s unique to your event, and makes your event relevant to the right audiences. 

  1. Optimise your event website 

An event website allows you to display live event info, sell tickets, and host exclusive event content. Ultimately, your event website should be a reflection of your event experience itself, and a way for attendees to engage with your event offering.

  1. Design an event app

Bespoke event apps can be an engaging way to communicate key event messages to your attendees. Your event app will allow you to send relevant messages to the right sections of your audience at the right time, boosting their engagement with your event.

  1. Harness the power of email marketing 

Email marketing allows you to send targeted event updates to segments of your mailing list, and can be a great tool for sustaining interest around your event.

  1. Create content around your VIPs

Showcase the VIP attendees, speakers or guests, and incorporate their visibility into your marketing strategy. Invite them to record videos for social media, or add a testimonial to your event website. 

  1. Nail your live coverage 

You want the world to be able to access the conversations happening at your event. Monitoring social media mentions and channels can create a community feel for the attendees of your event, and boost engagement around your brand too. 

  1. Generate FOMO

As well as marketing your event as the ultimate place for your audience to overcome their pain points, you can also use limited ticket numbers, and limited time offers to create urgent interest around your event offering. 

  1. Measure your success: Post event insights 

Measuring your post event insights is a vital stage of event marketing. Not only do post event insights prove if your event was successful, they also reveal how to strengthen your event marketing strategy for future events. 

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