St Lucia and Antigua

Fam trip series: St Lucia and Antigua

Back in September, Senior Account Manager Kerry joined sandals on a once-in-a-lifetime fam trip experience of St Lucia and Antigua.

Read on to hear more about the islands and what they offer to an incentive event.

"Setting off from Gatwick, the first stop was Antigua. There’s only one Sandals resort in Antigua, so it felt really exclusive to be there. It was an all-inclusive, adult-only resort, so would work perfectly as a couple’s incentive.

After two nights in Antigua we took a domestic flight to St. Lucia and stayed at one of three Sandals resorts on the island – the Sandals Grande St. Lucia.

During the trip, we spent a lot of time on the Sandals properties as they are all-inclusive. This allowed us to explore the resort and their facilties, including dining, drinking, activities and event spaces ."

The FAM trip was designed to show a true incentive experience, and it did exactly that! As well as enjoying the resorts, attendees also had the opportunity to take part in exclusive boat trips from both islands.

"The boat trip from Antigua felt just like an incentive – a little bit boozy and lots of fun! The atmosphere was fantastic and it felt like we’d all known each other for much more than just a couple of days.

St. Lucia’s boat trip took us to the Pitons – which remain from a heavy volcanic eruption that dates back thousands of years. At the Pitons are Sulphur Springs, which are boiling hot! It was quite scary having to get in them, however there’s a reason they’re like this, as the heat opens up your pores before a full body mud mask is applied. After the mud mask, we then had to get back into the springs to wash away the mud. It’s extremely hot at the time, but afterwards your skin feels incredible!"

It was important for attendees to not only understand why the Sandals resorts were perfect for an incentive, but also to explore what else the islands had to offer. The boat trips really highlighted the natural beauty of the islands and the activities that can be enjoyed.

"I would 100% suggest this destination for an incentive trip.

The islands of Antigua and St. Lucia were absolutely stunning, and it was amazing to see how beautiful they really are. Antigua is smaller and less developed than St. Lucia, but both are extremely idyllic islands and it was nice to see the differences between them.

I think a lot of people are worried about doing a long-haul incentive for only 3 to 4 days, however due to the time difference, attendees would gain 8 hours back on the first day.

Both Sandals properties are all-inclusive, adult-only resorts, and would work perfectly for both a couples and a group trip. Being all-inclusive, there is a wide range of activities on offer such as paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing."

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