Orient Express

Fam trip series: The Orient Express

The orient express is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is well-known for being one of the most luxurious journeys in the world.

Hosted by the world-famous Belmond, any trip involving this breath-taking journey would make an incredible high-end incentive due to the luxury service from start to finish.

Our Account Manager, Kirsty, was luckily invited on a FAM trip to experience the journey from Singapore to Bangkok, where she became immersed in the culture that she saw along the way – from trekking through Malaysian mangroves, an authentic cooking class, and exhilarating tuk-tuk rides through the streets of Bangkok.

“It was a surreal feeling boarding the train and being shown to a private carriage (and my accommodation for the next two nights) – it was amazing to know that as I slept, I was being taken across Southeast Asia, and that each stop would be in a new destination with more to discover.”

After spending a night in Singapore prior to departure, the group had already been able to explore one of Asia’s most magical cities – which included a tour of the famous Gardens by the Bay, and drinks atop the architecturally breath-taking Marina Bay Sands. The following morning, it was time to board the train, and begin the adventure of a lifetime:

“Despite being a trip between two Asian cities, the train carriages were quintessentially British - afternoon tea was even served to our individual carriages – which, being from Britain, was quite a comforting trait. The train also had an observation deck and bar providing rear views from the train.

It was a lot like a hotel, with the train being broken up into different carriages including dining carts, common areas, and sleeper carriages.

Personally, my favourite part of the experience was the incredible dining cart, which was furnished and decorated with grandeur and luxury and felt extremely exclusive – something that would work incredibly on an incentive trip.”

Due to the Oriental Express constantly moving from one destination to another, the design of the itinerary can be extremely versatile. For example, the chosen stops during the journey can change according to the interests of attendees, which can allow personalisation of an attendee’s experience.

“During the journey, it’s hard not to become totally immersed in ‘how the other half live,’ as this is an experience only usually possible for those who have a lot of money. Being gifted or rewarded this experience is something that I believe could be extremely valuable to anyone who may not have the chance to do it otherwise, and creates unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.”

Along with being able to embrace the luxury of the train itself, the destinations along the way provided (along with some relief for those with motion sickness) a versatile range of cultures and activities, allowing attendees to discover new places that they may not have initially visited away from this trip.

“it was definitely the experience of a lifetime, and honestly, just like stepping into a scene from poirot!

The train is truly luxurious, and being able to change the route of the journey makes it feel like the world really is your oyster. The impeccable service makes you feel as though you’re a movie star, and the immersion of the experience allows you to get to know the characters amongst you on the journey – making it equally as good for networking and getting to know colleagues away from the working environment.”

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