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First Event – net promoter score

First Event have achieved a net promoter score of 87%, putting them in the top 1% of companies using the NPS system.
The net promoter score is a management tool used by companies to comprehend the relationships they hold with their customers, and how loyal their customers are.
It is an alternative to traditional ‘customer satisfaction’ and is based on the single question of, ‘how likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?’ which is based on a 0-10 scale.

This question focuses on customer retention and loyalty, whilst also giving an indication of how companies can work to better their service for clients. After feedback from clients, First Event achieved an average positive score of 87% - which is outstanding.

“The net promoter score is a great way of really understanding the customer and how they relate to us. We’re in a very competitive industry and often thrive through recommendation. After scoring so highly, I’m ecstatic that anyone would go as far as to recommend our service, and I’m extremely impressed with the determination and dedication of the first event team to delivering an outstanding service that builds long-standing, trusting relationships with our clients.

Unlike other customer satisfaction surveys or questions, asking whether a client would recommend us to friends or colleagues is a much more transparent indication of the customers who feel confident in our service, and who we need to accommodate further. Each one of our clients have a different preferred ways of communicating, and it’s our job to make sure we do whatever we can to adapt to these different means of communication.”

-- Richard Murphy, Managing Director

Upon beginning the implementation of NPS in order to use feedback to improve the way work with clients and retain customer loyalty, managing director Richard Murphy is also hoping the system will encourage the entire team to use client feedback to enhance the service they offer and help the company’s continuous progression.

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