How can AI elevate your events?

The recent boom of generative AI tools has sparked a revolution in how we work, and in particular, how we create events. When used in the right way, artificial intelligence can be used to streamline event logistics, and for businesses looking to stay ahead of the AI trend, there are numerous ways of incorporating this tool during event marketing, management, as well as during post event insights. 

So, let’s take a look at the different ways you can harness AI before, during and after your event.

Event Planning

  • Registration and ticketing 

AI can be used to facilitate registration and ticketing. This removes the more administrative tasks from the to-do lists of your event professionals, freeing them up to unleash their creative potential on other areas of the event planning process, and focus on the wider logistics of your event.

  • Venue selection

When fed the right prompt and the relevant attendee and client goal information, AI can generate a list of venues to perfectly fit the needs of your event. However, some AI databases aren’t up to date, so you’ll still need an event professional on hand to vet any venue suggestions that an AI produces, and analyse the logistics of organising an event in the venues provided.

Event Marketing 

  • Targeted marketing campaigns 

Artificial intelligence can highlight areas of interest around certain topics, products and services, as well as highlighting the pain points of your target attendees. You can use this information to fill your event marketing content with relevant information to your attendees, creating a targeted marketing campaign for your event.

Event Execution 

  • Chatbots

Using existing content, you can use an AI powered chatbot to provide your attendees with real time answers to their event queries. This means that guests can access the information they need quickly, and focus on immersing themselves in their event experience, all whilst reducing the administrative burden on your event staff.  

  • VR and AR

VR and AR presents a unique opportunity for those looking to get ahead of the trends. Particularly for virtual events, these elements of artificial intelligence not only bring event experiences to a wider audience, but create a more engaging end to end event experience. 

Post Event Insights 

  • Gather real time event data

All event experts understand the importance of capturing vital data during an event in order to understand whether or not the experience was a success. Artificial intelligence can now offer another layer of detail to the kind of data captured during events, giving event professionals insights into attendee behaviour, footfall, and even facial expressions of attendees during the events. 

  • Generating analytic recommendations 

As well as data collection, AI can also produce a wealth of information and recommendations based on this data. This streamlines the data analysis stage of post event insights, meaning that your teams can dedicate their time to actioning improvements faster than ever.

Ready to be on the right side of the artificial intelligence revolution and enhance your event experiences? Get in touch with the team at First Event. Our tech experts are already harnessing the power of AI to benefit our event management processes, and could bring the same insights to your business event strategy.