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How to keep delegates engaged during your remote event

How can you define event success? With so many businesses looking for tangible metrics that prove the success of their event strategy, more and more professionals across the industry are looking for the best ways to track the return on their investment. With half of event professionals using engagement to measure the success of their event, it’s no wonder that event formats are centred on achieving consistently high attendee interaction.

Particularly at hybrid events, where virtual attendees can quickly succumb to ‘zoom-fatigue’ and switch off from your event message, how can you guarantee that your hybrid event is effective in capturing the engagement of all of your attendees? 

Let’s take a look at the ways you can keep your remote audiences immersed during a remote event. 

Ask for attendee input 

Whether it’s asking attendees to share their opinions and feedback, or even design parts of the event format themselves, putting your event guests in control of their experience will increase their participation with your event. By incorporating platforms and tools such as polls, Q&A sessions, break out rooms and quizzes with real-time live results displayed on-screen, you can create an engaging event experience that attendees won’t ant to switch off from.

Create an immersive virtual platform 

Using the latest event tech, design an immersive virtual world that your attendees can navigate through and interact with. Create virtual maps with interactive elements, and incentivise networking by giving attendees the chance to create their own customisable avatars to interact with other attendees. Your online platform could also host on-demand event content that attendees can access after the event is over, creating further engagement around the legacy of your event. 

Create sessions that add value 

Nothing is guaranteed to tank your attendee engagement more than stuffy, boring sessions that don’t add value to your audiences. By keeping your session content focused on your attendees and their interests, they’ll stay engaged and receptive to your event messages.  You can maximise this by inviting engaging and well known speakers to deliver your sessions and add that extra spark to your event content, and leading interactive, hands-on workshops.

Add breaks into the schedule 

With the proven existence of productivity time limits, it's clear why adding regular breaks into your hybrid event schedule can help attendees decompress, refresh, and come back to your event content ready to engage. You could add breakout rooms to your map where attendees can connect for informal networking. 

High quality broadcast

Ditch the basic zoom-call format, and take your attendee experience to the next level with broadcasted and live streamed sessions. By harnessing the latest event tech for your hybrid event, and adding that production quality to your event experience, you can keep your event format interactive and your attendees invested in your core brand messaging and event offering. 

Need more advice from the experts on how you can keep your remote delegates engaged? Get in touch with the First Event team. We’ve hosted award winning hybrid events that have kept attendees engaged from start to finish, and we’d love to help achieve the same results for your event.