Kisima School Kenya Africa First Event visit

How we spread the love this February

Every February we celebrate Valentine’s Day. An annual reminder to express that extra slice of love to the people in our lives that we’re grateful for. This February, we decided to dish out even more extra slices of love to the people and places we thought could use it the most. 

Take a look at some of the ways we’ve been spreading the love in February!

Visiting pupils at Kisima School

In 2023 we’ve made a commitment to addressing imbalances and inequalities throughout the world. To achieve this, in February we sent two members of the First Event Fam to visit Kisima School, a Kenyan school we’ve been sponsoring for years. During the visit, the first in a new annual programme, we found out where we can use our support to add the most value. After visiting Kisima School and their incredible pupils, we’re more determined than ever to continue using our privilege to support the school and the wider community in the ways that they need it the most. If you want to help us to support the students of Kisima School, click here to make a donation. 

A First Event Donation to Otley Food Bank 

With the cost of living crisis currently affecting the most vulnerable people in our society, we saw it as our responsibility to help those in our community struggling to put food on the table for their families. One of our First Event superstars, Lucy Pooley, quickly got to work spreading the word across the team. After two trips to the supermarket and six trips through the tills, we donated an incredible £500 worth of food to the Otley Food Bank. Our work to support Otley Food Bank will continue with monthly item donations throughout the First Event team, and volunteering to pack much needed food parcels.

28 Miles in 28 Days

Despite February being the shortest month of the year, we’ve definitely packed as much love into each and every day. Members of the First Event Fam took part in the ‘28 miles in 28 days’ challenge, raising some much needed funds for Macmillan cancer support. 

Throughout February the First Event Team got their trainers and walking boots on every day, racking up the mile count and raising funds with each step. At the end of February, the team totalled an incredible 508.73 miles, and raised a whopping £512 along the way. 

Supporting Victims of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake 

On the 6th of February, disaster struck as an earthquake laid waste to central Turkey and western Syria. The earthquake caused widespread damage across 350,000km2 of land, leaving millions of people homeless and without access to water, food or a safe place to live. In light of this horrific event, we joined forces with our client, BMF, in order to support the DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee) appeal. Together, we are proud to have raised and donated £5k to this worthy cause, in order to support those affected by the earthquake. 

CEO SleepOut 

The love hasn’t stopped in February! 

We’re continuing our mission of spreading the First Event love as far and wide as possible throughout 2023. Our mighty Managing Director, Richard Murphy, is very much leading by example, and will be taking part in CEO SleepOut, an initiative designed to raise some much needed funds to support people facing homelessness. On the 1st of June 2023 Richard will join other business leaders to spend the night braving the cold and sleeping outdoors in Alnwick, the same conditions that so many people facing homelessness are forced to endure night after night. This is all in the name of raising money to support local charities who work tirelessly to prevent homelessness. Please join us in spreading the First Event love to those facing homelessness in 2023 by donating to Richard’s CEO SleepOut, click here to show your support.