3 Ideas for Creating a Sustainable Summer Corporate Event

Perhaps the time has come to plan your annual summer corporate event? Or maybe it’s the first time your business is planning one? Be it your summer event, or any other corporate event for that matter, sustainability is a theme to prioritise more than ever before!

Summer really is the perfect time to incorporate sustainable features in your corporate events; from warmer weather to longer daylight hours, making the most of the great outdoors is no doubt easier! Here are 3 ideas and suggestions to connect with nature and to minimise the footprint of your summer events this year…

Alfresco Dining

Dining outdoors is a lovely way to get your team or customers together to have the opportunity to socialise, relax, and enjoy food and drinks! We know that the weather can be unpredictable, so we recommend a space that can accommodate a gazebo or canopy, just in case a rain shower occurs! By opting for eco-friendly tableware, which is either reusable or made of biodegradable materials, combined with selecting produce from the local area and recycling or composting all appropriate waste, you’ll certainly reduce the environmental impact of your event.

Host Your Event Locally

If you have attendees travelling from far and wide, by plane or by car, you’re contributing negatively to the environment. You should look to source a location to host your corporate event that is convenient for your attendees and therefore reduces their travel time.  Alternatively, a venue that has good public transport links to encourage this method of travel. We appreciate that this isn’t always possible, which is why we often incorporate a virtual element to many of our events, allowing attendees to join in online, rather than in person.

Partner with Environmental Charities


Environmental charities need our help more than ever! From wildlife endangerment to climate change reduction, it’s important that we recognise these organisations and do what we can to raise awareness for their causes. At First Event, we partner with Tree Nation to plant trees around the world to offset our carbon emissions! However, there are many charities you can involve in your event; not only will they work with you to reduce the impact of your event, but it also gives your chosen charity a platform and provides a great promotional opportunity for them. Our ESG efforts go far beyond charity - read more about our goals here.

At First Event, we pride ourselves on planning, marketing, and delivering some of the best corporate events in the world! We have created events for more than 20 years and our wealth of experience and bank of knowledge is unrivalled.  To kick start your summer corporate events, contact the First Event team today for your complimentary consultation!