National Technology Day – How Technology Is Changing the Corporate Events World

Did you know that it’s National Technology Day on the 6th January? As a result, it feels like the perfect time to reflect on how technology has and will continue to revolutionise the corporate events world…

Technology has found a way to transform our lives in almost every aspect of our daily routines; be it the use of laptops, the multiple software’s that we’ve become so reliant on, or the online planners that keep us organised, technology can absolutely be used to our advantage in one way or another!

At First Event, we couldn’t do what we do without technology. Most importantly, it’s how we communicate and it also allows us to offer virtual events to our clients! With the world of technology evolving every day, we’re able to grow with it and make best use of it, in order to create fantastic event experiences for our clients to enjoy. 

AR and VR are relatively new to the technology table and can be pretty revolutionary for corporate events when used well. They are transforming and paving the way for future events; giving attendees an experience like no other. From 3D models to immersive experiences, there are so many ways that you can implement these types of technology into your plans, leaving your guests wowed! 

Not forgetting social media platforms, which have been an absolutely huge advancement within the technological world. These channels allow us and our clients to promote events and spread their word, whether it’s on a local or global scale. These apps allow you to connect with others far and wide, with just a few simple clicks.

It’s not just social media apps, but other mobile apps too, take a QR code scanner for example; another way that technology has evolved quickly and successfully, particularly in the corporate events world. QR codes are now quick and easy to generate and importantly, they’re very effective and useful! Just a simple scan from a phone and entry to an event can be granted or a webpage can be loaded on the screen. There are now mobile apps for every element of an event, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, or are aiming for something totally made to measure, then we have the solution for you. The First Event team are experts in app creation and can develop a bespoke solution, tailored to your business and its needs…

  •       Online event itinerary or agenda.
  •       A newsroom with live event updates.
  •       Video message portal from speakers or hosts.
  •       Virtual points system in return for event interactions.
  •       Digital communications platform to engage attendees post event.
  •       And lots, lots more!

For more information about our corporate events, please don’t hesitate to contact the First Event team to make use of our complimentary consultation today and to bring your vision to life!