Planning a green event

When planning an event there are so many elements to think about and consider. Ensuring your event is environmentally friendly can often seem like an extra complication and expense.

However, a supporting the future of the planet has become the priority of businesses across the world, and reducing their next events environmental impact is now at the forefront of sustainability policies. Yet, many don’t know where to start. As the experts, it is event planners and organisers duty to help guide companies in the ways they can reduce the environmental impact of their next event.

So, even if you don’t have the support of event professionals or sustainability experts, here’s some of our recommendations on some of the things you should be considering implementing for your next event to make a positive difference:

Know the environmental impact of your event:

Considering the environmental impact of your event in the planning stages will help you identify the areas where you can make improvements and introduce ways to offset your impact through green initiatives.

Recycle, reuse and reduce costs:

Sir David Attenborough brought the ongoing problem of plastic in the ocean to the attention of millions in Blue Planet II – shockingly, it is estimated there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050, and reducing the amount of waste your event produces will not only support the environment but can reduce costs too.

Using compostable or recyclable packaging, using biodegradable utensils can be a way to reduce your event's carbon footprint. Encouraging delegates to bring a reusable water bottle, ditching plastic name tags, and considering environmentally friendly giveaways can all help in reducing your event's carbon footprint.

Go digital!

Events are renowned for wasting paper from agendas to brochures that are often in the bin by the end of the event. However, technology is improving day by day and going digital can mean your event can go completely paperless. Tickets, brochures, agendas, event information can also be sent to delegates through email and made available on your event websites, which is also much more convenient for your delegate with information to hand easily.

Suppliers & venues:

When it comes to sourcing the things you need for your event- keep it local when choosing your suppliers, this will not only cut down on transportation but is a great way to support the local community! Thinking about what food is in season and easily available is another element to consider.

Another easy way to make your event more sustainable is to choose a green venue. A green venue will already have in place measures to reduce the carbon footprint of the event is hosts. Certified green venues will have made investments in key areas like energy efficiency, water conservation, and recycling facilities.

Delegate travel:

Travel can often be the biggest culprit of carbon emissions at your event. Encouraging more sustainable transport methods to your attendees can be a way to reduce your emissions from car sharing, walking, cycling, or even partnering with local public transport operators to provide passes.

Give the hybrid option:

Hybrid events are expected to play a huge part in making the events industry more sustainable. By offering attendee’s the option to attend virtually you allow them to participate without travel which will eliminate the carbon emissions they would have admitted.

In conclusion…..

We all want to play our part in helping save the planet and making your next event eco-friendly will reassure your attendee’s that you are serious about reducing your brand's environmental impact. Ensuring that your corporate events are working towards a sustainable future will not only raise awareness and inspire change but can also reduce costs and boost your reputation.

How we can help:

Whether it’s live, hybrid, or virtual - First Event can work with you to deliver a sustainable event that meets your specific goals within your organisation, contact us by heading to our contact page for more information.