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Should I plan a corporate event for 2021?

Following the latest updates from the government, and the four phases of the lifting of lockdown the return of live events are expected to boom due to the need for human interaction and connection that we have all been missing over the last year.

The phases highlight that outdoor entertainment can resume as soon as May 17th with 4,000 people or 50% capacity. Outdoor seated events would be allowed up to 10,000 people or 25% capacity. The final phase of lockdown lifting would be as soon as June 21st and would have no legal limits on gathering and we for one, cannot wait to get back to live events!

It’s no question that in 2021 the way we plan or even attend events will be dictated by safety and whilst the plans are now in place to start to lift the event restrictions - virtual events will continue to dominate the event industry until this happens.

However, if you are itching to start to plan your next live event, like we are, but you have been burnt too many times and are cautious about the ‘what ifs’ still lingering in the air regarding restrictions we have put together some ideas for planning live events that can accommodate any potential reduced capacity live event restrictions you may be concerned about.

Live events- go outdoors

Following the February updates from number 10 this week, a flood of festival and live event announcements for autumn 2021 populated most of our social media streams. While we are excited that mass gatherings outdoors may be able to return by autumn, we have to wonder - What if they are able to return before then? What if we get the all clear in mid to late summer to hold events outside?

We are not going to lie and say planning an outdoor event will be easy. From considering the weather to the little touches such as amenities there’s a lot to think about and normally take a lot of planning. However, once the current lockdown eases and the weather gets warmer (fingers crossed!) hosting an outdoor event, within any set government guidelines, could be an excellent way for businesses to boost some much needed engagement and moral with flare - whilst also staying COVID safe.

Whilst longing for our pre-covid activities and celebrations, going for a walk has been a highlight for many of us over the last few months, an outdoor event will bring many attendees the excitement and experience we have all been missing.

Venues with outdoor space have already started seeing a demand over the summer months, with options of providing a variety of offerings whether that’s a company away days, outdoor team building or a mini festival, we can guarantee (if restrictions allow) a summer event will be the place to be this year with many racing to venues and event companies looking for a fast turnaround.

Hybrid events & roadshows

Whilst live outdoor events are set to return, social distancing measures and limited capacity are still likely to be in place resulting in hybrid events set to be the norm.

Hosting a hybrid event will not only help limit number of attendees but alongside the offering of the option to attend in person will promote satisfaction and well-being, as people will feel like their personal values and boundaries are being respected by offering a choice.

A hybrid roadshow is also expected to enter 2021’s event industry as a game changer for businesses and attendee’s. Following the virtual style of bringing an event to you.

Hybrid roadshow events could be an option if event restrictions are eased but with limited capacity. These road shows could mix the elements of a live and virtual event by creating a number of small events all over the country/globe, adhering to all government rules and guidance on capacity restrictions, with each event linked together with the aid of an interactive live streamed show.

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