Virtual event ROI

The 6 secrets to maximise the ROI of your virtual event

There is no question that virtual events are here to stay; virus or not, the past 2 years have bolstered the digital revolution and the benefits that have come with this can simply not be ignored.

From the reduced cost to the business, to an increase in accessibility, digital events have proved their worth as a valuable asset to companies - when done right.

Some love them, some hate them, and some are completely undecided but for many businesses they are now experiencing a new found dependency on this format for their conferences, workshops and launches.

This means that the majority of companies are having to consider innovative and sustainable techniques to attract their audience. This is where, as the UK’s leading corporate event management agency, we can take the reins. Providing you with the knowledge and expertise to differentiate and establish your online event.

Encourage participation

Digital events can often have a bad reputation for being dull, this is where promoting engagement is key.

Discussions, polls and Q&A’s often go down a treat, this form of participation keeps the audience captivated. We like to take this one step further and incorporate gamification, this helps to create somewhat of an intimate atmosphere - a perfect ice breaker!

Prioritise visuals

It's important to consider the amount of stimuli on offer in an in-person event that is lost through a digital event; this can cause a lack of concentration. To avoid this we place specific emphasis on visuals!

Slide decks, despite being helpful, are often depended on all too much. Think of these purely as an extension to your event, rather than integral; we can help you master this technique to inspire conversation.

Encourage networking

Networking has been voted the second highest reason a person attends an event, highlighting its importance specifically within the digital event scene. When properly planned, one to one conversations can be supported successfully, helping to provide value for your attendees.

There are a range of both traditional and modern techniques that can be utilised, from breakout sessions to speed networking; we are always keen to make this a fundamental aspect of our client’s events.

Practice Prior

We will say it until we are blue in the face - practice, practice and practice again! This is more important now than ever before, virtual events have a habit of being host to various ‘technical issues’.

Rehearsing the event’s direction and executing any activities can ensure your event remains polished and professional.

Consider platforms

Just as it is much easier to attend a virtual event, it is also much easier for attendees to miss a virtual event!

This can be avoided by bringing the event to them by optimising the platforms they find easiest.

Digestible content

It is an unwritten rule that digital events should not be as long as in-person events, and for many different reasons. A recent survey exposed that only 68% of attendees watch a virtual session that is longer than 20 minutes; this is why incorporating breaks into your online event is considered a must!

Get in touch!

It is all so easy for attendees to find themselves scrolling on their phones, turning on the TV, making a cup of coffee - we can all be culprits of this - so make it easier for them to stay engaged with all the tips and tricks we have shared. In need of some more support? Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve digital event success.