Event App

The benefits of an event app

Working with an event app for your conference is becoming an essential part of any event marketing strategy.

This is due to proven benefits on the planning, delivery and effectiveness of a successful corporate event. 91% of event organisers say they experienced positive ROI when adopting a mobile event app.

With the ongoing advancements in smart phone technology, mobile apps are becoming more and more popular, so what can an event management app do to give you a competitive edge throughout your live event?

  • Effective planning both for the organiser and the attendee - registration capabilities, digital event agendas, speaker profiles.
  • Enhancement in attendee experience by allowing them to more effectively network, personal profile pages, 1:1 messaging availability.
  • Dedicated event sponsor pages, they can speak directly to the attendees, social media integration allows attendees to become advocates by sharing on their own platforms.
  • The most important benefit by far is that data collection possibilities for event organisers are opened up exponentially.

Provide planning perfection

For organisers, speakers and attendees alike, an effective event management app can provide a substantial positive impact on event marketing and the event planning process.

Beginning with the initial registration of attendees, organisers can drive attendance and engagement through the promotion of a full event agenda and speaker profiles. From this, attendees can build their own personal agenda by selecting and adding the sessions they don’t want to miss. This is then available to them at the swipe of a finger, and in turn provides you, the organiser with full analytics on attendee preferences and session popularity.

Speaker profiles allow for a further level of promotion, and in turn, they could go on to be your biggest promoters on social media, informing their followers of the event and linking back to your content.

Real time content can be shared easily through the app, and reminders to attend a session along with follow-ups for feedback can be requested. The intuitiveness of a smart phone app offers a multi-faceted planning forum that web or paper-based literature just can’t compete with. As well as offering a service that paper can't, an event app can ultimately make your event more sustainable.

Get your event attendees into the ‘in crowd’

The use of attendee profile pages on an event app is a superior tool for effective networking.

Individuals are provided with a forum for research, moving towards generating leads for 1:1 messaging, further interaction and targeting. When event attendees connect in this way with other professionals in their fields, it’s a cornerstone of a successful event.

An active and engaged audience translates into higher quality meetings, enhanced attendee experiences, increased exposure for speakers and sponsors, and provides a wealth of data going back to the organiser that will shape the nature of future events.

Use this event to shape your next

Undoubtedly the most valuable benefit of an event app is the endless possibilities for data collection.

By tracking the most popular sessions, speakers, profiles, time at which most messages were sent and many more data points, it’s possible to draw actionable insights and better understand the impact of the event.

Polls, surveys, and direct questions can be initiated in real time, providing immediate reactions and feedback throughtout the event.

All of this data collection is in invaluable due to the impact it may have on future decisions, meaning the app effectively pays for itself through the wealth of knowledge it can provide.

Give your sponsors great exposure

An effective event management app can provide a forum for sponsors to speak directly to event attendees, giving them prime opportunities to expose their brand and services to attendees, and to discuss special offers available to those attending your event.

Social media integration further enhances this free advertising model and turns your attendees into advocates, providing a way to easily share the sponsors information - something far harder to achieve with paper based advertising. App powered events generate 42% more social media expressions than the events without a dedicated app.

Make it work for you

By seeing an event app as a complete and holistic solution, it’s possible to take full advantage of its capabilities.

Effective conference apps provide attendees with an intuitive and convenient digital experience, in a format that they are already highly familiar with, to go hand-in-hand with a live experience. All adapted to your needs and concerned only with the purpose of your event.

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