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The best incentive travel destinations for 2023

Whether it’s a few hundred miles, or a few thousand miles, going the extra mile with an incentive travel event is a surefire way of making your people feel valued. Depending on the preferences of your teams, there’s a whole host of incentive events destinations to choose from, to create an experience your teams will treasure forever. 

So where’s the best destination for your incentive events? 

Take a look at some of the top destinations we predict will be starting incentive travel trends in 2023.  


Home to bustling European cities such as Porto, Lisbon, as well as more undiscovered gems like Madeira and Laos, there’s a reason why we think Portugal is such a brilliant incentive event destination for 2023. Within each of these stunning cities, explore the unique gastronomical experience each location has to offer, such as their world famous port and wine vineyards. Is your team looking for more of an adrenaline rush on their incentive travel experience? Portugal caters for all interests, with world class golf courses, surf spots, trekking trails and brilliant beaches for watersports. 


Whether it’s pearly white beaches against crystal clear seas with a cocktail in hand, or dancing the night away at a local rum-fuelled calypso, when you hear the word Barbados, the image that springs to mind is one filled with tropical luxury. Jam-packed with beach resorts and waterside entertainment, Barbados makes the perfect incentive travel location for a team looking for a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life. That’s not to say that an incentive event to Barbados doesn’t come without adventure. Explore local areas and nightlife spots for a slice of authentic island life, or hit the seas on jetskis, yachts or paddleboards. 

New York

This melting pot of cultures, set against one of the most famous skylines in the world makes New York the ideal place for an incentive itinerary full of activities, surprises, adventures and exploration. Get lost amongst the thousands of restaurants, clubs, bars and restaurants across the 5 boroughs, or dabble in some retail therapy on the upper east side and 5th avenue. 


Surrounded by powerful volcanoes, dominating mountains and resplendent beaches, Mexico’s natural landscape is ready and waiting to be explored by your team on your next incentive event. Once you’ve ticked off the country's 35 UNESCO heritage sites, explore authentic Mexican cuisine by picking through the markets of Mexico City. Wash it all down with a glass of Mexican tequila, or even take in an evening at the local wrestling stadium!


From the bright white peaks of the Alps, to the deep blue waters of the glacial lakes, Switzerland will perfectly set the scene for your incentive travel trip. Switzerland is easily accessible by train or air travel, transporting you straight to the slopes for an incentive event full of snowsports. In between conquering the pistes, why not sample the world famous selection of Swiss cheeses and expertly made chocolates? 


Your Icelandic incentive itinerary could include a dip in the world famous geothermal baths, before the once in a lifetime experience of seeing the Northern Lights. Or, dependent on the time of year, make the most of Iceland’s midnight sun, leaving even more time to explore glaciers, black sand beaches, and see incredible wildlife like whales and polar bears. 

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