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Top conference destinations 2021

After many years of visiting and working in cities all around the world, we've put together our new list of top conference destinations for 2021!

Check out the conference destinations that are standing out to us.


Having recently delivered a clients’ annual summit at the Miami Beach Convention Center, we’re huge advocates of Miami’s status as a great conference destination. The location is easily accessible with fantastic transport links, boasts a wide range of accommodation and venues choices for all kinds of events, and of course, the breath-taking beachfront spanning approximately 4 miles.


Since its European Capital of Culture title back in 2008, Liverpool has gone from strength to strength – especially within the MICE industry. The desirable central location, convenient public transport access and thriving economy are just the foundations of what this fantastic destination has to offer. The inter-connecting ACC and ECL have impressed event planners all over the world – and its variety of events spaces make it a great option for anyone planning a business event.


Now we may be a little biased as it’s just up the road from our main office, however, Harrogate has recently become a big contender for UK business events. Boasting its very own convention centre, an award-winning spa hotel, and multiple accommodation options suitable for a range of group sizes – Harrogate is making a name for itself as a top conference destination in the world of events.

French Rivera

The French Riviera is a lavish destination known for attracting the rich and famous - but that's not the only reason it's one of our top conference destinations!

After delivering an annual client conference in Monte Carlo, both we and our clients were impressed with the destination, its facilities, and the ease of access through multiple transport options. Along the French Rivera sits Saint-Tropez, Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Antibes and more - all with plenty to offer those looking for their next conference destination.


The capital of the UK has once again, made it onto our list of top conference destinations due to it's outstanding range of venues and event spaces - just check out our London Event Venues Guide to see for yourself!

London also boasts over 3,500 hotels, 6 airports, and endless connections to destinations all over the UK and the world, making it a great destination choice for multi-national companies wanting to gather employees or customers in one room!


Sometimes overlooked by it's Southern sister, Dublin, Belfast has - over the past few years especially - become a top conference destination in its own right. The Titanic Belfast has previously been voted the world's leading tourist attraction, providing unique event spaces alongside its fascinating adventure into the history of Belfast.


The medieval city of Dubrovnik is a bucket-list destination for many. However, it's also great for business events and conferences, offering a great range of venues and event spaces along with the opportunity to explore the city's charming culture and breathtaking architecture. 

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