Top Event Trends for 2024 

Each year, event planners are faced with the ongoing challenge of staying on top of the event trends that will keep their audience engaged and their target messages memorable. By staying up to date with the latest trends, you can adapt your event strategy to be bang on trend, empowering you to make informed decisions that garner the best possible results for your creative events.

With 2024 around the corner, we’re sharing our top predictions for the kind of event trends that we’ll be seeing throughout next year.

Networking and creating genuine connections

Every event is created in order to facilitate the sparking of connections, with 88% of event professionals stating that the main reason that people attend events is for networking reasons. But in 2024 in particular, a renewed focus will be brought back to ensuring that attendees leave events with a boosted network. 

So, what can event planners do to meet this need? 

Rather than forcing interactions and disingenuous connections, event success in 2024 hinges on facilitating the right environment for strong connections to be made. Whether selecting the right venue, curating an event agenda that encourages natural interaction, or focusing specifically on networking opportunities during your event marketing, highlighting the value of networking across your 2024 event strategy will ensure that your event experiences are relevant to your audience. 

Harness the potential of event technology 

It’s difficult to refer to event trends in 2024 without thinking about technology, and all the enhancements it can bring to an event experience. Rather than designing an event and attempting to retrofit the event technology that can support an event experience, in 2024, event professionals need to adopt a digital first approach, even with in-person events. Whether incorporating live streaming options, or harnessing the power of AI and augmented reality, by embedding a wider variety of digital touchpoints across your event experience, attendees will better connect with your brand, your event experience, and other attendees. 

The greater the amount of tech used in your event experience, the richer the data you’ll have on your target audience. Tools like event apps can help your brand harness the analytics and insights from your event technology to better understand and meet consumer expectations, improving future iterations of your event content as well as strengthening your event marketing strategy. 

Redefining value for your attendees

In 2024 we’ll be seeing a refocus on what value actually means for different audiences, and how to meet these definitions through creative events. Whilst event planners want to ensure that their attendees have a positive experience, it turns out that the focus is shifting away from creating a fun-filled event, and more on a value-add experience. 

Instead, event planners should strengthen the connection between the attendee and the value of the event on offer. One method to achieve this is to get attendees’ direct input on the creation of the event itself. By capturing their input on topics being discussed, not only do you drive engagement and attendance with the event, you also ensure that the event content you’re offering is valuable for your attendees. 

If you want to make sure your event is bang on trend, and incorporates emerging ideas like the ones we’ve talked about in this blog, then reach out to the First Event team.  

Whether you need a creative consultation for your event strategy, support from our planning services, or some experts hands on deck to implement your trending ideas, we’ll provide a collaborative and creative approach to bring you closer to your event goals.