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Top hybrid event strategy tips – think Hollywood!

Lights, Camera, Hybrid!

The term ‘hybrid’ is 2021’s buzzword from hybrid working to hybrid events, the definition is essentially about providing more choice than ever before.

A hybrid events brings elements of a physical and virtual event together to create an experience that caters to both audiences. However, to offer an experience that satisfies both parties it’s important to prepare content that applies to everyone.

Having a hybrid event strategy similar to a Hollywood blockbuster can ensure that your hybrid event reaches those headlines for all the right reasons:

Story & the setting

In a film, the scenes, the music, and the experience build the story and like a Hollywood production, the event should have multiple acts and experience that lead your attendee’s through to the grand finale.

Influence & inspire

The narrative of a film is often the key connection to the audience that builds the relationship. Just like a film, think about the narrative of the event, will the keynote inspire the audience? What is the best way to convey the message? What does the audience want to hear?

A class act

A great story with terrible actors can often sink a film and the same can apply to corporate events. Selecting your speakers and presenters is just as important as the agenda and content. A memorable event is often due to the spokespeople delivering the messages in a compelling way that keeps the audiences engaged and leaves them feeling inspired.

Production & tech

What enhances a great story? The production. And just like all good films, production is an element, events can benefit from. Attendees are looking for more from the event and just because they won’t be gathering in one location doesn’t make expectations diminish. A hybrid event provides the opportunity to develop exciting and eye-catching content but it’s also important to not lose the key messages with overproduction.

A sequel

Just like the end of a film, a corporate event should set the scene for the ‘sequel’. Any event whether that be in person, virtual or hybrid should be the beginning of a relationship with the attendees and requires a plan to stay connected until the next event.

As we transition to the ‘next normal’ and the world of hybrid as lockdown restrictions ease, remember the key takeaway for hybrid events is to put the attendee experience first. Ensure that you make it a heart-warming rom-com rather than a horror flick!

How we can help

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