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Why choose a home studio event?

In 2020 many businesses adapted to new ways of working and with home working set to continue until at least the spring, this has resulted in a surge in online events!

An online event means that businesses are still able to connect with their team and audiences around the world keeping them engaged in meaningful ways.

Last year saw even traditional face-to-face events like travel incentives or large-scale conferences being transformed by virtual event technology and team away days and Christmas parties all turned virtual too.

With technology developing day by day and virtual events being one of the most convenient and quickest ways to reach a large number of delegates all over the world, failing to keep up with developments in the virtual world could mean falling behind when it comes to achieving your event goals.

In this blog we’ll look at the benefits of using a home studio set up for your virtual event.

What is a home studio?

Essentially, a home studio is what it says on the tin. During these uncertain times, travel to a studio is not always possible and home studio is the perfect solution. A home studio event offers a smooth running and professional set up all from the comfort of your own home.

Presenter and remote speaker packs can be sent to your home and your speaker’s homes which include all the equipment you will need to run a successful event with full technical support that you may need along the way.

Home studios can become the hub for any type of virtual event from internal team engagement meetings to conferences with delegates from all over the world.

Why choose a home studio event?

With the virtual event world exploding over the last year, there are a lot of virtual event software and apps available, and if you’re new to virtual events it can be difficult to know what virtual event technologies are right for you.

Here are some of the benefits to consider when choosing a home studio event.


A home studio virtual event set up, may not immediately spring to mind when thinking about making an eco-friendly event however it’s one of the most sustainable ways that you can host an event today.

With virtual events you do not have to worry about the logistics of getting to the event or the waste that may be produced from a physical event and by adopting virtual events over traditional business travel, your company can demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability.


Another key benefit of home studio event is you are able to connect with attendees and speakers across the world without ever leaving your home.

A home studio set up can allow you to connect through audio, video chat and host webinars and presentations with a range of speaker packs based on your streaming requirements delivered to your door. Branded props, green screens and backdrops can also be included and your delegates would never guess that the event was running from your home office!

Cost effective

A home studio set up is also cost effective, without the need to book venue spaces, accommodation, transportation or larger-scale set-ups, a virtual event can provide big cost savings.

The leftover budget could be used to increase the quality and personalisation of your virtual experiences, event promotion, or project collaboration.


2021 virtual events are expected to boom with the introduction of discussions and panels in which delegates can ask questions and be involved in the event itself whilst offering their own expertise.

Attendees have been looking for event interactivity, which if often lost in physical conferences and events but is easily something you can do from a home studio online event. The interactivity that's been promised for decades is now a necessity with a need for human interaction more required than ever.

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