Why choose Singapore for incentive travel events

The focus on surrounding southeast-asian cities and recognition as a hub for connecting flights has meant that prior to the twenty-tens, Singapore has been quite significantly overlooked when it comes to its potential as an incentive destination.
However, with long-haul travel and new destinations becoming more and more desirable, there’s never been a more appropriate time to explore everything that this incredible location has to offer. Our operations director, Dawn, recently visited the city to discover how it can cater for incentive groups:

“Singapore is a breath-taking city with so much to do and see. Many have the misconception that it is merely used as a stop-off point for connecting flights, and if they were to stay it would be too expensive, but that isn’t the case at all.”

In fact, according to numbeo, public transport prices in London are approximately 150% higher than Singapore, and restaurant prices almost 55% higher. Of course, the luxury tax means that goods such as alcohol seem to be higher than other capital cities, but its versatility is a redeeming factor, and the way it has grasped a lavish lifestyle whilst remaining true to southeast-asian culture is both refreshing and humble.

“the variety of activities and excursions [in Singapore] is outstanding. I didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted to do. However one of the highlights was the lau pa sat market, where tables are set up outside and an amazing range of cuisines and street food are available. One vendor will bring the beer, the other a signature dish such as curry or satay, and someone else will provide desserts – it’s such a great sense of community!”

For event agencies looking to bring the ‘wow’ factor to their events, singapore is far from short of lavish accommodation options.

“both the marina bay sands and fullerton bay hotel are phenomenal. The brand ambassador for the marina bay is David Beckham – which immediately tells you of its status. One of the highlights is the lavo rooftop bar and restaurant – which has an Italian theme and incredible views over the city.”

“the fullerton bay is stunning from the offset, sitting on the waterfront with a grand exterior and outstanding lobby area. The rooms offer beautiful views of the bay and facilities include a wide range of cuisine-based restaurants, a spa and fitness centre, and a rooftop pool.”

In addition to guaranteed comfort in one of city’s many 5-star hotels, the potential opportunities on offer for visitors to discover the city are endless. During her stay, dawn discovered the city through a bus tour, which enables participants to hop on and off as they wish. This, along with an exclusive ‘night safari,’ made for a unique experience of the destination.

On top of being a fantastic location for incentive travel, Singapore’s already-established reputation as a renowned financial hub and ever-changing metropolis means that its conference and exhibition venue offering is outstanding.

Visiting a new country (or even continent) can be intimidating for some, as the culture is foreign and potentially something they have never experienced before. However, based on the 2017 results from the HSBC expat explorer survey, Singapore ranks as the top destination in the world for expats, which could arguably be down to the ease of relocating made through a high percentage of english speakers and modern living.

“the majority of Singapore’s population are bilingual, and speak english as well as another one of the official languages (usually mandarin), and whilst this isn’t essential for an incentive group trip, it’s much easier for attendees to relax and enjoy the destination without worrying about a language barrier.”

In fact, the city has been unofficially referred to as the ‘southeast-asian Dubai,’ with regard to Dubai’s large expat community, the high percentage of english speakers, and famous high standards of service from local hospitality (restaurants, hotels, public/private facilities) creating an unforgettable and luxurious experience for visitors.

According to the c&it state of the industry incentives report 2018, Singapore is commended for the quality of experience it offers due to its “vast investment in breathtaking architecture, infrastructure and its position at the heart of the asian transport hub,” and its ‘world-class city centre’ provides “accessible, cosmopolitan cuisine and entertainment… rivaling any European or us destination.”

As agencies continue to search for incentive destinations that provide new and exciting experiences, Singapore is due to climb higher and higher as the ideal location for delivering an all-round incentive event that captures undeniable luxury, seasoned culture and rich history, all whilst reflecting modern-day living in a cosmopolitan city.

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