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Why do I need to integrate events into my employee engagement strategy in 2022? 

With an expected 70% of the workforce working remotely from 2025 at least 5 days a week, companies have started to reconsider the workplace in a very different light.

Whilst the pandemic bolstered the shift towards home working, it had been a growing topic well before. In fact, approximately 4.4 million people were working from home in the UK pre-pandemic, with this number growing to well over 5.6 million in 2020.

How has employee engagement changed?

The realisation of what the majority of us used to identify with as ‘work’- this being the Monday to Friday, 9-5, rush hour, iron the shirt last-minute scenario - now taking a backseat, to be replaced by ‘flexible working’ (a phrase you’ve probably heard time and time again by now) is an exciting proposition and although there are many clear benefits to this way of working, there are some arguments against it.

One we wanted to explore - and solve today – was the loss of employee engagement.

The deprivation of professional-private life balance, along with new challenges and a lack of structure, can take a hit on employee’s wellbeing and leave them feeling demotivated. This is what your company, and many others, want to avoid - but how?

Corporate events can be a great way to engage and inspire employees, but what else can internal events bring to the table?

What are the benefits?

Enhanced company culture

During the pandemic it's likely your business will have experienced shifts in the workforce; there may have been some staff gained or lost, whilst others may have progressed. This will mean that your company’s culture will look very different to what it was pre-pandemic.

Through offering an opportunity for networking through the likes of a corporate event, allow staff to meet officially in a fun, relaxed environment, thus cultivating a positive atmosphere in which your company’s culture will continue to develop.

Developed team cohesion

Linking back to our previous point, internal events offer an opportunity for employees to get to know one another better. This greater understanding of each other’s backgrounds, home-life, and even coping strategies, can mean that in high-pressure scenarios staff will work in unison to overcome challenges in a more productive way.

Opportunistic brainstorming

Despite corporate events being seen as a time away from work, it’s funny how conversation can so easily find itself on the topic. This can expose opportunities for employees from different sectors within the business to share their experiences and daily challenges.

Through a clearer picture of employee roles, staff are often able to unpick solutions and bring to light potential developments. This is because they are external to the role and are able to bring an alternative perspective.

Greater sense of gratitude

When staff feel valued and appreciated sincerely, a new sense of responsibility is evoked in which all stakeholders innately want to express gratitude to one another. This newfound citizenship keeps individuals wanting to work their best, despite circumstances, because there is assurance that this is noticed positively.

From all of the above, it is clear that through inheriting an employee-centric approach in which the likes of corporate events are at the heart of company culture, employees feel continuously encouraged and supported which in turn enhances their engagement.

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