email marketing for event registration success

Why email marketing is the must have tool for event registration success

When capturing the interest of your attendees, you need to be doing more than just sharing the right content for your attendees. You need to be sharing it in the right places too. 

If you ask us, we think your target attendees’ email inbox is one of the best places to focus your event marketing efforts. 

Regarded by 76% of marketeers as the single most effective way to drive event registrations, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to distribute your event information in a way that gets real results for your event goals. 

What is an event email campaign? 

An email marketing event campaign is a series of coordinated promotional emails sent to your target audience about your event. Whether sent to potential or confirmed attendees, an event email campaign gets the right information to the people that need it. 

But, how exactly does sending emails to attendees create results for your event marketing? 

Let’s take a look at the reasons why email is such a key ingredient for any successful event registration and planning process. 

The benefits of email during event registration and planning

Generate actionable insights 

One of the best things about email marketing is the amount of data it creates about your attendee activity, and the insights you can glean from this. By viewing metrics such as open rates, average open time and click rate, you can easily see which types of content are being engaged with by your attendees. With this information you can tailor and tweak your email campaigns in real time in order to better meet the needs of your event guests. 

Keep attendees engaged 

A carefully planned event email marketing campaign is one that keeps attendees engaged at every step of their delegate journey. When done in the right quantities and using the right information, you can release information about your event format, your event speakers, as well as any additional event components that attendees need to register for, leaving your audience counting down the hours until your event. 

Drive traffic to event websites 

With carefully placed links and expertly crafted call to actions, you can use email marketing to drive traffic to event websites. Whether as part of the event registration process, or to interact with key event information and content, email campaigns can be used to generate interest and engagement around your event websites, creating a seamless branded experience that’s jam-packed with useful event insights. 

Let’s get personal 

No one likes receiving generic information that has nothing to do with them. With email marketing, you can use the data you collect about your recipients to group your audience by interests, location and any other preferences you have captured. From there you can create email campaigns that have been tailored to specific groups within your audience, delivering high value content that keeps attendees engaged.  

Capture valuable attendee data 

Using event email marketing campaigns, you can capture whatever information you require from your attendees. Whether recording preferences for specific speaker sessions they’d like to attend, or dietary requirements, email marketing tools can seamlessly integrate with any data capture platforms and quickly give you the most up to date information about your attendees, making your event planning smoother than ever. 

Ready to unlock these event planning benefits, but not sure how to get started with a successful email campaign? 

Get in touch with the First Event team! We have the event marketing and design expertise you need to craft the perfect email strategy for your event.