How Incentive Events Can Promote Workplace Wellbeing

In any professional environment, creating and fostering a positive atmosphere should be a priority for employers that want their staff to thrive and enjoy their job. Even if the work is demanding, the company culture shouldn’t be a cause for stress.

A toxic or unrewarding work environment is known to have a negative impact on employee mental health. So, what can you do to combat that through incentive events? Well, according to a recent survey of HR leaders, 89% reported that employee recognition programmes help improve the employee experience. It’s now widely recognised that incentive schemes are a great way to recognise your staff and boost morale. Offering incentives such as travel, events or other types of rewards is proven to offer multiple benefits for your staff and your business.

While there’s clearly no disputing that there is a direct correlation between offering incentive rewards and employee engagement levels, the question is, how does it benefit their own wellbeing? Do incentive travel schemes prove effective just for employers - but for employees as well?

There has been plenty of research to point to the fact that incentive schemes are just as beneficial for employees. Let’s take a closer look at all the different ways incentive events can result in a better work environment for individuals:

Incentive activities create stronger bonds between staff members

According to a study by Officevibe, 70% of employees stated that friendships at work are the most crucial element for a happy working life. Incentive events are invaluable for team building and forging friendships. Yes, the team building will result in greater collaboration in the workplace, but it will also benefit your staff’s daily experience at work by creating a friendlier environment. Individuals will get a chance to know their colleagues on a more personal level than ever before.

Going on an exciting adventure together can help develop stronger team dynamics as individuals tend to bond over shared experiences. These stronger relationships will also lead to more openness. As management and colleagues will have closer relationships, employees will feel empowered to communicate more openly. This kind of honest discussion can help promote a healthier workplace environment.

Employees will feel more informed about the business

Effective communication is essential for happy employees. Communication builds trust and workers will feel more engaged when they feel trusted by management. It is management’s job to open up the lines of communication and be transparent with their employees.

Incentive travel activities are a great opportunity to communicate company updates with staff and share any important or exciting news. Not only will this ensure that staff members are more informed about the business, but they’ll also feel more trusted and in the loop.

The recognition will make employees feel more cherished

According to Forbes; “By emphasizing the importance of an employee’s role and their overall impact on the success of the company, not only will your employees enjoy seeing their hard work translated into tangible results, but your company will function more efficiently because of it.”

It’s easy to feel demotivated if your hard work goes unnoticed. Studies have shown that all around the world, employees want their work efforts to be recognised and appreciated. Incentive activities are the perfect way to show your employees you value them and acknowledge their hard work. This kind of public recognition works well in uplifting the mood of individuals in the workplace. Not only will this create an overall healthier work environment, but employees will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when their work has been recognised.

Incentive activities promote a better work-life balance by offering an opportunity to unwind

Modern-day employees are prioritising their work-life balance more than ever. There’s a much greater focus on mental and physical health and wellbeing. The good news is that companies are also addressing this by making work schedules a lot more flexible.

Incentive activities are also a great way to promote a better work-life balance. How? They offer employees a chance to get away and recharge their batteries. Time away is beneficial for everyone and a short break can do wonders for the mind and body. Rewarding your employees with a travel experience will help relieve stress and give them a chance to recuperate in a completely different environment. Such occasional breaks are necessary to maintain positive mental health.

Incentive schemes can increase a sense of belonging

As incentive activities are another way for employees to engage with the brand outside of the traditional office space, they can help build the connection they have with the company. Feeling more connected to a company can lead to a greater sense of belonging, and let’s face it - you’re more likely to enjoy working for a company where you feel connected and appreciated.

The appreciation at work can have a positive impact on mental health

With the average person spending a third of each day in their place of work, it's safe to say that it can have a huge impact on their wellbeing and mental health.

Employees that are happy at work are bound to be healthier in both mind and body. This boost in your mood is likely to have a positive knock-on effect on wellbeing in your personal life as well. Data has shown that happier employees will also take significantly fewer sick days when compared to employees that suffer from work-related stress or anxiety.

Travel incentives are valued more than cash

Millennials value experience over cash - various reports have shown that. While monetary rewards are appreciated, they’re not the most effective way to reward your employees. The money often ends up getting spent on household bills or rent, which in the long run, aren't memorable or cherised as rewards. With an incentive event, your employee will be given positive experiences and valuable memories that will last for a lifetime.

It’s possible for you to reward your employees with incentive schemes, no matter how big or small your company is. Incentive events can be tailored to suit any business, and used to engage staff and create a pleasant working environment for everybody in the office.

At First Event, we can work with you to create customised incentive activities and events that will result in a more positive workplace environment for your staff. Get in touch today or visit our incentive travel page to find out what we can do for you.

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