5 Audio Visual trends are leading the way in 2023!

Find out which 5 Audio Visual trends are leading the way in 2023!

Technology innovates the way we connect and communicate with one another, and creates exciting opportunities for the event industry to evolve along with it. Whether you’re hosting conferences or an exhibition, harnessing the latest AV trends can take your event to the next level, and create an unmissable event experience designed around the needs and interest of your audience.   

Not sure where to start when upgrading the audio visual elements of your event tech? Take a look at the top 5 AV trends we’ve spotted across the event industry, and how these can impact your event tech.

Silent disco headphones

This AV trend works across a range of event formats, and gives your attendees the ultimate control over their experience. Once each attendee has been issued with their own wireless headphone, music or conference content can be broadcast across different channels through a transmitter. Not only does this piece of event technology minimise noise pollution, it also allows attendees to stay connected, adjusting to the needs of your attendees without losing out on the atmosphere. Take a look at how we incorporated this trending piece of event tech at a recent supplier conference

Live mosaic walls

Event technology such as live mosaic walls are a great tool for fostering a sense of community throughout your attendees. By encouraging your attendees to take a selfie or photo to be uploaded to a live mosaic displayed on an LED wall or screen, attendees can see themselves represented as part of a wider event legacy, building stronger resonance with your brand. As a format that works at in-person, online and hybrid events, a live mosaic wall harnesses the latest event technology to bring your attendees together.  


Across the events industry we’re seeing more and more clients opt for hybrid solutions that bring their event offering to even wider audiences. Hybrid event tech recreates that ‘in-person’ feeling of an event, giving even more attendees, both remote and in-person, access to the same experiences. With expertly managed livestreams, and bespoke event platforms, hybrid events bring global audiences together in an accessible and engaging event solution. 

Extended reality

Extended reality is a combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, and brings with it countless new ways to transform the way we think about event tech. With extended reality, attendees can engage physically in conference event content, responding to interactive digital elements with touch, rather than a cursor or mouse. As extended reality becomes widely adopted across the event industry, event tech experts will need to get even more creative to stay ahead of this cutting-edge event trend.  

Remote control and IoT 

IoT remote monitoring refers to an Internet of Things being utilised to remotely manage an event device or system. With IoT, event planners can monitor the execution of AV trends from a remote location, as well as solving hardware and software issues any attendees might be facing right there as it happens. Event trends as innovative as IoT brings those uncontrollable factors of your attendees' experience back under control, and gets your event tech as close to perfection as possible.

If you’re looking for the perfect event tech to help take your event to the next level and help you reach your event goals, get in touch with the First Event team. We’d love to help you design an event that harnesses the right audio visual trends to meet your needs.