Yorkshire terrier

Happy Yorkshire Day!

God’s own country is just one of the nicknames given to the wonderful northern region of Yorkshire! Sitting on the ‘right’ side of the pennines and sporting a white rose, Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK and is home to some of England’s most prosperous cities including Leeds, Sheffield, and York.

Some famous faces to have blossomed from Yorkshire ground include Olympic athlete, Jessica Ennis-Hill; Sir Patrick Stewart; Dame Judi Dench, and David Hockney. Not to mention 6 of the outstanding 2018 World Cup team hailing from the region.

In true British style, Yorkshire is also a historic centre for the brewing of beer, boasting breweries such as Tetley’s, John Smith’s, Sam Smith’s and Theakston. For those who’re T-total, there’s still a whole lot of tasty treats to thank us for. Two words… Yorkshire Puddings.

In celebration of National Yorkshire Day on 1st August, we spoke to a few of our event management team who chose to move here about why they decided to stay in the region and work for a Yorkshire event company.


“One of the things I love most about Yorkshire is the amazing cities. Leeds, York, Sheffield, Hull – there’s always something going on. It’s also a fantastic place to do business and its central location and transport links makes it a great hub for national businesses.”


“Sheffield Wednesday… of course!”


"I love that I am only 10 minutes from the city but I’m usually always only 30 minutes from the middle of nowhere. Nothing beats a Sunday afternoon walk up Ilkley Moor followed by a brew & slice of cake at Betty's tea rooms!"


“I came to Leeds 5 years ago for university – and never left! As soon as I finished studying, I knew I wanted to stay, and was luckily offered a job right away. I came to First Event around 6 months later, and with our office being within commutable distance to both the city and the countryside, I get to experience the best of both urban and suburban Yorkshire!”


“Good real ale!”


“After being raised near London and travelling for 2 years across Australia, China and SE Asia, I decided to settle near Leeds to be close to my twin sister and nature. Family is very important to me so I love that I can pop over to see my twin and go for hikes and adventures. Plus, Leeds is a bit calmer than London and to me the people are friendlier!”


“The Yorkshire accent is just as strong as my Brummie one so that’s a bonus! I absolutely love the Yorkshire Dales, and Leeds is my favourite city centre!”

If like us you love working in Yorkshire, here are some local business events across the region to get involved with! https://www.insidermedia.com/events/region/yorkshire 

Happy Yorkshire Day from the First Event team