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How a virtual event app can enhance your event results

The surge in online events means that businesses are still able to connect with their audiences around the world in meaningful ways. Even traditional face-to-face events like travel incentives or large-scale conferences are being transformed by virtual event technology - from virtual tours to exciting team building activities, there are more and more creative ways to immerse attendees in virtual spaces.

Failing to keep up with developments in the virtual world could mean falling behind when it comes to achieving your event goals.

One of these developments is the virtual event app, which can optimise your event with quick and accessible ways for attendees to engage seamlessly.

In this blog we’ll look at the benefits of using a virtual event app alongside your virtual event, plus the key features to look out for when choosing an event app to connect with attendees.

What is a virtual event app?

Essentially, a virtual event app is a mobile or desktop platform that allows attendees to view content, network, and participate in event activities. It creates an online area for attendees with the same opportunities as an onsite experience and makes it much easier to access online event sessions and discussions.

The app platform offers a simple way to promote event messages and sponsors, whilst providing valuable audience data.

Virtual event apps can become the hub for any type of virtual event, from hybrid events to fully virtual events.

For more benefits of an event app in general, check out our previous post.

Virtual event app features

There are a lot of virtual event software and apps available, and if you’re new to virtual events it can be difficult to know what virtual event technologies are right for you.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a virtual event app that can boost attendee participation and help you drive results:

Ease of navigation

How easy it is for users to navigate around the platform and take key actions like logging in, booking event sessions, or networking with other attendees and sponsors.

Our virtual event app solution also lets you access more than one virtual event through the same portal, so attendee engagement in multiple events can be simplified.

Live streaming integration

With a virtual event app, your event can be live-streamed so attendees can watch activities as they happen or on-demand from the platform. This provides an easy to use hub where attendees can register and join in with panel discussions, speaker sessions, and pre-recorded event content.


Most virtual event apps have the ability to add interactive features like live polls, Q&As, and gamification. You can build up to the event with games and challenges that earn points for attendees and connect to prizes. Providing an interactive platform before the event can be great for enhancing networking and promotion. Personalisation Personalising your virtual event app with a fully branded design will allow for a more immersive experience closer to that of a physical event space.

As well as branding, the content that attendees can view and download can be customised. You may want your app to allow people to see the event agenda, where they can find speaker content and download related files or presentations.

If you have a hybrid event where people may be attending activities in-person, storing their content on the app is much more sustainable too, which is a win for us!

Networking ability

Many event apps will have various sections to allow for networking before, during, and after your virtual event. Sections where you can see the attendees, sponsors or exhibitors, or activity feeds to see what people are up to, can be very helpful when attendees are looking to connect.


You may want to provide promotional packages for sponsors and exhibitors to share their information with attendees from anywhere. In-app features for promotion can include push notifications, sponsored content, sessions and listings; downloadable material, advertisement spaces, and brand placement.

Event reporting

Usage of a virtual event platform can be tracked against your event goals, whether you want to target the number of registrations or event satisfaction.

Your chosen app should have a strong reporting capability that can help you dig into audience behaviours, demographics, and feedback. You can even provide attendees with a feedback survey to get valuable data on your event performance. Social media integration Getting attendees to join in by using your event hashtag won’t be a problem if your event app connects directly to your social feeds and shows a live update of activity.

Ensuring you can link to all your social platforms and your website is another good way to track attendee interest and invite attendees to take further action with you.

Platform security

Providing a safe platform where people’s data is secure is vital, so looking at built-in security and privacy controls is beneficial for your event, your partners and your attendees.

If you have any questions about implementing a virtual event app or you’d like to know more about delivering a virtual event, why not view the virtual events section of our website, or speak to our team.

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