Incentive Events Unleashed: Benefits for B2B and Employee Engagement in 2024

In line with the rising trend of non monetary rewards and recognition being used to create stronger workplace cultures and support team building, incentive events have the potential to bring real benefits to both businesses goals and employee engagement.

What is incentive travel? 

Incentive travel is a trip or event used to promote positive behaviours amongst employees, customers, and even partners. Team motivation is boosted by the idea of being able to take part in the trip of a lifetime, and understand that they must achieve a pre-agreed goal in order to do so. These bespoke experiences can be used for B2B partnerships and to boost employee morale across any department, so this is your opportunity to reshape your approach to business interactions and employee engagement.

Let’s take a deep dive into incentive travel, the benefits it can bring your company, and where to get started on unlocking these benefits for your business. 

The benefits of incentive travel 

Incentive travel brings with it a whole host of measurable results for your business, such as: 

Increased performance: With the promise of a reward and recognition, incentive events can boost productivity in your teams by 25 to 44% (IRF). 

Improved collaboration: A bespoke experience outside of the work environment allows for new connections to be made within your team, across departments and age groups, bringing a new lens to your team building.  

Enhanced business success: When you pick the right behaviour to incentivise and reward, you bring your business closer to your wider event goals, with an ROI of 112% (IRF).   

Boost employee engagement: By going above and beyond to reward your employee’s hard work, you boost their engagement with their company. 77% of incentive event research participants have stated that they noticed increased feelings of loyalty towards their company (SITE). 

Sounds pretty impressive, right? Let’s break down exactly how you can unlock these kinds of measurable results with incentive events. 

Step 1: Be Strategic in Your Customisation 

With so many variables to consider when planning incentive events, every decision you make needs to be built around your people, your brand, and your business needs. From the behaviour or milestone you choose to reward, to the destination you pick and the itinerary you offer your people, selecting the right variables for your incentive event becomes a whole lot easier once you’ve got that core strategy in place.  

Step 3: Build Employee Engagement 

Even if you’ve built an incredible incentive itinerary at an exclusive location, your attendees aren’t going to engage with your offering if you aren’t communicating with them in the right way. Across all delegate touchpoints, both before, during and after, what you’re saying needs to be carefully considered to maximise motivation, and how valued your attendees feel. 

Step 4: Roll out the Red Carpet 

This incentive event is all about showing your people just how much you value them. So it’s time to make your people feel like the VIPs they are. This doesn’t necessarily mean taking your team to the most expensive locations and bursting your budget, but paying attention to the small details of your bespoke experience and making each person feel valued adds to that celebrity experience, without breaking the bank. 

Ready to unleash the benefits of incentive travel? 

Whether you’re after a wellness retreat in Austria, or a party vibe in Mallorca, our team of incentive experts know what it takes to build a tailored approach to reward and recognition that’s designed around your people and your business. 

Get in touch with the team today, and find out how we can help you benefit from an incentive event strategy.