Unveiling the Future: How Event Apps Revolutionise Experiences in 2024

As technology continues to evolve, brands are constantly looking for new ways to harness this growing power to deepen their understanding of their audience, and create a more immersive experience for their attendees. As a tool that’s becoming increasingly popular within the event industry, event apps offer that tangible ROI when it comes to elevating the delegate experience, and measuring event success.

In this blog, we take a look at how an event app could revolutionise your event experiences in 2024, and how expertly applying this technology can transform your delegate journey.  

Optimised networking capabilities 

Networking is a core component of event experiences that attendees are placing increasing importance on throughout 2024 and beyond. Event apps allow attendees to take control of the connections on offer at your event, and optimise their networking opportunities. With customisable individual profiles, and ‘swipe to match’ features, you can facilitate deep and meaningful connections within your audience. Particularly with a native event app, you can access more features within a user’s phone, such as push notifications and calendar updates. This means that their phone has now become the ultimate, personalised networking tool, with intuitive features that allows your attendees to make the most of their networking opportunities. 

Unlocking rich data across your touchpoints 

Event apps offer an elevated and detail-focused approach to accessing attendee data, with every attendee interaction being tracked and analysed, making measuring success clear and simple. Particularly with features such as agenda favouriting, live polling, and Q&A capabilities, this event technology provides insight into how your attendees responded to your event, in a way that a traditional feedback form can’t compete with. With this deeper understanding of your attendees’ habits, preferences and interests, you can use this insight to improve future events, measure your ROI, and strengthen your long term relationship with your target audience. 

Personalised and intuitive delegate experience 

A huge benefit of event apps is their complete personalisable nature. From your branding, to your event scope to your attendee needs, each and every element of an event app can be customised to fit the unique needs of your event and its target audience. The impact of this? You offer a delegate experience that feels seamless and intuitive. Create an immersive delegate journey that reflects your business values and messaging, whilst giving them the tools to enjoy an individualised, celebrity service. 

Greater engagement with your attendees 

As a tool with so many inbuilt capabilities that sit within your attendee’s existing device, event apps offer a huge opportunity to get your attendees engaged with your event offering. View your event app as your go-to to access an enhanced delegate experience. By adding gamified elements built around your core messaging, or features such as AI powered chatbots or personalised FAQs, your app will be seen as the ultimate tool to unlock an enriched and enhanced version of your delegate journey. 

Want to find out exactly how you can harness the power of event technology to create the kind of app that unlock all these benefits for your brand, event, and attendees? Contact us today.