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10 reasons hybrid events are the future

Over the last 20 months, event trends have experienced a dramatic evolution, something we have witnessed first hand. The pandemic…

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13 virtual event best practices to drive attendance and engagement

With the virtual event market expanding by 21% each year until 2030, it’s clear that virtual events are here for…

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15 virtual team building activities to engage your remote employees

With only 4% of employers expecting their staff to work exclusively at office locations full-time, it’s vital that our remote…

Virtual event

4 Reasons virtual events aren’t going away!

In 2020, the year most events went virtual for reasons that we don’t need to discuss, the global virtual events…

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Are virtual events a sustainable solution?

When choosing between hosting a virtual or in person event, the environmental impact often goes unnoticed when compared with all…

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Are virtual events here to stay?

The event industry saw a massive shift last year due to the covid-19 pandemic with many businesses pivoting their strategies…

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Do hybrid events really give you the best of both virtual and in-person events?

Hybrid events have most definitely been the result of the pandemic, but this doesn’t mean that they will be a…

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Do virtual events generate ROI?

Virtual events allow companies to reach and connect with their colleagues and customers from the comfort and safety of their…

5 Audio Visual trends are leading the way in 2023!
Creative Virtual

Find out which 5 Audio Visual trends are leading the way in 2023!

Technology innovates the way we connect and communicate with one another, and creates exciting opportunities for the event industry to…

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How a culture can save a workplace

An organisation is nothing without its people. Nowhere else is this more true than here at First Event, one of the…